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    (Original post by Uber-Man)
    I don't see a totally one-sided affair. I may get negged for saying this but I think we may witness a possible upset?!

    Mayweather is fighting Cotto @154lbs, only the second time in his career he has fought at @154, the last time was against, lets face it, a past his best De La Hoya and Mayweather won a widely contested split decision.

    Now Cotto's not the fighter he was 4 years ago, but he still has power and showed in his last bout he can fight on the backfoot and has tremendous heart.

    A Technical Boxer v. A Counter Puncher

    I will be supporting Cotto as he seems like a genuine nice guy & has that fan friendly style of always putting it on the line.
    Possibly. He's an extremely good technical fighter, combine that with his size advantage and you can see an upset happening (PBF would still be a big favourite though).

    Cotto has been bludgeoned into submission by Pac and Marg, but he's never been comprehensively out-boxed, so I don't know how he'd mentally deal with that against PBF if the fight started to turn against him.
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    Why are people focusing so much on the weight??? Someone explain why weight difference is so important? Obviously not talking about maassive 10kg+ weight difference duh!!
    But with this fight, the difference is quite minute and doesn't seem pertinent to me :dontknow:
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    I do agree that Cotto's chance at winning is being unduly under rated. Should make for a competitive fight and I think it will be more competitive than Pac - Bradley
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    LOL chisora slaps vitali klitchko during staredown at the weigh-in. chisora is definitely getting sparked out tomorrow!!!
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    (Original post by oh-my-diddy)
    LOL chisora slaps vitali klitchko during staredown at the weigh-in. chisora is definitely getting sparked out tomorrow!!!
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    (Original post by Lefty_P)
    dayuummm that impact was lethal loooool. this is definitely suicide for del boy. r.i.p
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    Why does TSR constantly have to piss around with the lay-outs, formats etc??


    Disgraceful from Chisora. Complete tosser.

    Hope Chisora gets smashed all over the ring tomorrow.
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    LOL that's probably the only connection chisora's hand makes on klitschko's face.

    funny **** though
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    I hope Klitschko is going to deliver a worse beating to Chisora than he did to Briggs. Disgraceful behaviour.
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    Chisora was obviously trying to get into Klitschkos' head and hope that it'll affect his performance tomorrow night.

    But we all know Klitscho was going to beat him tomorrow, now he's going to kill him.

    Ohh Chisora what have you done:facepalm:

    For no reason:

    Ernie Terrell refused to call Ali by his Muslim name:

    Damn I wish I was born in the golden era of boxing!
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    How disrespectful, Chisora is an absolute fool, how anyone could do that is beyond me especially to Klitschko. Classy of Klitschko not to retaliate, could've ended up much worse, though Klitschko's eyes said it all haha, gonna be interesting to see how this goes down in the ring tomorrow.
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    Chisora will get knocked out and then Klitschko will slap him on the side of the face when he's on the canvas.
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    Is the fight on any UK tv channels tonight?
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    (Original post by chrissy_h)
    Is the fight on any UK tv channels tonight?
    It's only on boxnation, annoyingly. gonna have to stream it.

    Chisora gonna be on the canvas within three rounds
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    Well at least the slap's given the fight some exposure and I actually wanna watch it now.
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    Now, chisora spat water in wladimir's face
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    (Original post by 419)
    Now, chisora spat water in wladimir's face
    Chisora got ****ing spanked though, wasn't even in the fight until the 7th round.
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    klitscklo killed him haha
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    (Original post by Arturo Bandini)
    It's only on boxnation, annoyingly. gonna have to stream it.

    Chisora gonna be on the canvas within three rounds
    You do know that Boxnation didn't charge for the fight tonight (they aired it for free). Anyway I hope you realised this and didn't watch the fight on some medicore stream.

    (Original post by chill543)
    klitscklo killed him haha
    Hardly, if anything Vitali did not look himself in the fight tonight and it seemed like his age had caught up with him towards the latter rounds. Chisora definitely showed heart and determination to keep fighting till the end even though a knockout victory was almost impossible. As a fighter I respect him, as a human I do not (exactly what Vitali said in the post-fight interview).

    There should not be a rematch however, Haye needs a fight against one of the brothers.


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