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EPQ help!

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    So I'm going to be doing the AQA extended project qualification but I'm really stuck about what I can do it on. When we were told about it, we were told we should do it on something we are passionate about but that's my problem. The only thing I'm passionate about is cooking and I don't see how I can do my EPQ on it (I'm not amazing at cooking either… good enough but not amazing). I was going to do it about whether children should be taught a second language alongside English (well in England anyway) from when they first start school, but when I spoke to my EPQ mentor about it, she said it was probably too difficult to do as I only have 5000 words for the essay and its a very open question. What sort of thing could I do it on? I want to become a primary school teacher and I really enjoy being around children so if there is anything to do with this it would be really good. Or something about psychology as I absolutely love psychology.

    Sorry for the long post but any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    Hi- I'm not doing the EPQ yet but I was talking to my careers advisor at school and he advised me to do a topic that I'm passionate about and want to explore in greater depth-especially if it's related to the uni course you're interested in, but anyway for psychology maybe write about the motives of various serial killers, such as the moors murders or the soham murders or even write about OCD. For English, do you want to be researching a specific genre, author, culture or time (you may be able to fit cooking in there)? i know it's not much help but hey :rolleyes:


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