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Am I Fat Or 'Curvy?'

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    Not fat or thick at all! Curvy. You have the perfect figure to be toned up - as someone else said, hit the gym and you be hot girrrr'
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    I'd say curvy-ish.
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    Curvy (in the good way) haha
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    Well you're certainly not fat, but being completely honest I think you'd look better if you lost a little bit of weight and toned up a bit too- then you could have a really good body! :cute:
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    No you are definetely NOT fat, perfectly fine :-) xx
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    I'd kill for an arse like yours

    5'1 with a derierre that basically requires 2 bus seats. :sigh:
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    As you've all probably noticed, there are lots of Fat vs Curvy vs Slim threads lately and they got me wondering about myself.
    I would class myself as chubby, but as the line between Fat/Curvy/Chubby/Thick etc is so blurred, I was wondering what everyone else thought.



    I have been told in the past that I'm chubby/squishy.
    Also from a health perspective, I weigh 10 stone 2, and am 5'7, measurements are 37-29-36 and I'm a size 12
    I'm not fishing for anything, hence the anon, and just want a general opinion
    You have fat but you're not fat. Just need to work on the 'love handles', that's it.
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    I would not say you have an hourglass figure because your hips don't really slope out, but you have quite big love handles. I'd be like that if I carried some weight, it's annoying.
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    Although I will say you have huge boobs! :O Bloody 'ell.
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    Not fat at all.

    but my god the flat bum;
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    (Original post by mikeyd85)
    Curvy with a little fat on you. A little bit of gym work and you'd have a bang tidy figure as opposed to a decent one.
    My thoughts exactly.
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    I'd actually say you look slim, or curvy in the sense that you have big boobs and in the forward facing picture it looks like you have love handles, although this might just be the leggings. I don't think leggings really suit your figure.
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    your not fat i would say your curvy. i love your legs and you have a really nice body shape
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    (Original post by Cephalus)
    There's no point lying to the girl.
    We're not lying to her though. I don't know what you're seeing :erm:
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    Definitly not fat! But post a picture without sucking the stomach in.
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    (Original post by R4INBOW)
    We're not lying to her though. I don't know what you're seeing :erm:
    But she looks big is all I'm saying
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    You are God's creation, be satisfied with the way he made you. You look great.
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    id say sorta fat curvyish
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    Seriously?! You have a great figure. Not fat all. I think people have their perceptions all wrong
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    BANGABLE any day! You're beautiful OP :troll:


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Updated: November 2, 2012
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