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Maths NAB's

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    Does anyone have any unit 3 practice NAB's they could send me. Ive got mine on tuesday, just want an idea of what to expect. Its for the higher course.

    Thanks for your help,

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    click on the higher maths link on the homepage, and it's in amongst the resources there
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    Thanks very much . Have some rep
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    Yay that was easy....full marks in 15 mins
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    Well, NABs are easy...
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    lol i know, but still...............dont take it away from me :p:.
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    yeah, i think the unit 3 nab is the easiest of the lot...although i may change my mind when i sit the real thing on Friday
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    haha ill let you know how close the one on HSN is when I sit mines on tuesday
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    lol haven't you sat ANY of the NABS yet?
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    yeah all ive got left is Chemistry Physics and Maths unit 3 which are all this week.
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    ohright cool

    I have the physics nab that my school and another school sat:P probably not the same as your school though...
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    could you PM me it please, if you can?
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    our school have done all our maths nabs but unfortunately we have a mini prelim on thursday consisting mostly of unit 3 and also bits of the other units.

    I have a nab every day of this week, admin today, english resits tomorrow, history appeasement on wed, maths pelim thurs and then chemistry - great week!
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    Well i'm all set....finished the last part of physics prelim on friday..results today...another A. So that's me...no more nabssss...no more prelimsss...just exams
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    im quite worried about my maths prelim as i am hopeless at log questions and further calculus. Also my english resit as if i fail that then i cant sit the exam(i think).
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    If you PM me your msn address ill try to help you in whatever way i can as regards further calculus.


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