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Indian Student Stabbed In Russia

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    India is not suggesting that armed police be deployed to protect foreign nationals in Russia. It is not us that needs to solve the problem, it is Russia. We are just urging you to start thinking now, before another attack - which we all know is imminent - happens.
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    (Original post by brimstone)

    India condemns this horrific attack on an Indian citizen in Russia, and notes it is not the first of its kind. We wish to know what Russia is doing to combat these horrific attacks on foreigners in its country.
    New Zealand notes this, but does not understand why the UN is taking interest in relatively low level criminal activities?
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    China condemns of course, but also questions whether this is really a UN issue.
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    (Original post by Apollo)
    China condemns of course, but also questions whether this is really a UN issue.
    Beat you to it China!
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    (Original post by Cymru_am_byth)
    Beat you to it China!
    I meant "also" as in seconding your questioning:p:

    *hopes that made some sense*
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    Yeah, horrible as it is, it's not really the forum.
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    In this case, the UN is being used as a forum to question Russia's response to this horrific incident.


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