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Egyptian Attack

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    Denmark strongly condemns this heinous attack.
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    Germany condemns these attacks and sends its condolences to the families of the deceased.
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    The US utterly condemns this attack and points to the need for a more concerted international effort to fight terrorism.
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    India condemns this, and all attacks, of terrorism. We also send our condolences to those caught up in this attack.
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    Sri Lanka condemns the killing of innocents. However, it is not clear-cut who is behind the attacks.
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    The Ukraine, of course, condemns the killings.
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    peru adds its condemnations.
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    The RSM, while condemning this and all such attacks, would like to stress the need for thorough investigation before the finger of accusation is pointed.
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    Cyprus condemns the killings of innocents but like Sri Lanka would like the matter to be investigated as we are not sure who is behind the attacks.
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    Singapore condemns the attack, and sends our condolences to the affected ones. We have drafted a letter to Egyptian President Mubarak.
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    Israel condemns this dreadful terrorist attack and we have already sent Israeli ambulances through the Israeli-Egyptian border to try and help the victims.
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    Nepal strongly deplores such attacks. We send our deepest condolences to the Egyptian representative, and to those who were affected by the blast.
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    Uzbekistan condemns this attack in the strongest possible terms and hopes that it once again shows the international community that terrorism from groups claiming to be Muslim is the scourge of our time. Uzbekistan also hopes that countries that are not regularly on the receiving side of such attacks finally realize the reason countries like Uzbekistan and Egypt must delay the introduction of certain reforms in order to prevent the Wahhabi plague from spreading.
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    Is the Uzbek delegate asserting that the only way to keep the Islamists out is to keep democracy itself out?
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    (Original post by Agent Smith)
    Is the Uzbek delegate asserting that the only way to keep the Islamists out is to keep democracy itself out?
    When Islamist groups set up headquarters in your country and prey on the misfortunes of your country's youths (which are not possible to solve in the near future), steps must be taken to ensure the security and preserve the culture of the nation instead of adhering to abstract principles that might result in another Taliban regime.
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    That doesn't answer the question. Does Uzbekistan feel that democracy, regarded by some countries as too important to be abandoned, is in fact expendable?
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    Uzbekistan does not believe that there is only one model of democracy.
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    Enlarge upon that?
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    Democracy means acting in the interest of the people. If the people can best be served by keeping dangerous groups that seek to destroy stability and spark off violence from being able to nicely present their platform every four years, then that's the form of democracy Uzbekistan will pursue.
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    The Uzbek delegate's logic is flawless. I accept the point.


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