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'building society roll number'- what's it??

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    Hi everyone, I know this is probably a really dumb question but on the PN1 form where they ask for your bank details, you're required to put down your 'building society roll number'. What is that??:confused: :confused: I assume it's different from the account number because it asks you to put that down separately. I'm really confused...... On my bank card there's the account number, the sort code, and my card number so I thought maybe the 'building society roll number' could be my card number....???

    Also, I've put down details of the account I'm using at the moment. I'll upgrade or change it to a student account soon (I have an unconditional offer confirmed already). Does it matter? Can I change the details later...?

    Sorry I know it's really annoying 'cause there are way too many other threads like this one but I'd be really grateful if anyone could enlighten me on this :p: Thanks!!!!!

    Hi just realized that a similar thread has been posted by *nooni*. OMG I actually *already* put down my card number as my building society roll number and sent it off already!!!!!!! Have I made a huge mistake.....???????

    I'm banking with HSBC by the way. So I probably wouldn't have a building society roll number??

    What can I do now...?????

    You've said you have a bank card. Well, the clue is in the name. A building society roll number is surprisingly for building societies! Usually, you can tell coz you'll get a passbook instead of a card with building societies. If you're unsure, then post the name here and we'll tell you whether it's a bank or building society.

    1. HSBC is a bank and therefore does not have building society roll numbers.

    But, Juno, building societies DO issue cards in some cases, as well as passbooks though.

    2. And yes, you can change your bank details given to the SLC later.

    If you've put your card number down, then they'll probably figure this out, but I would phone them just in case to clarify your details as soon as possible.

    Could one of the mod's perhaps make a sticky about these issues, as they are both becoming a regular things!


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