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GCSE Past Papers, Material and Requests Thread

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Will anyone be able to find me some science edexcel papers including multiple choice? I have the speciman from the site, can't find anymore.
    Will appreciate it.
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    I am new to this forum. Can someone please help? I need the edexcel markscheme for maths GCSE June 2002. I believe Hodan has everything from 1995 to 2005. Thanks
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    (Original post by JonnyK81)
    Thanks for that. Only the June and November 2007 papers were there tho.

    Any ideas where to get the 2008 papers?
    They don't put them up for a few months in case they are used for mocks, I think?
    I might have it on my old computer though, shall have a look later.
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    Has anyone got the Edexcel June 2008 Statistics Higher Tier Paper? Its not on the edexcel website yet but i saw on another thread that someone accessed the june 2008 maths papers so maybe these can be accessed too? thanks (: oh, and i'll give rep to anyone who can send me a link (:
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    Any ideas where to get the 2008 papers?
    Umm, yeah:
    2008 June Foundation: http://eiewebvip.edexcel.org.uk/Repo...e_20080519.pdf
    2008 June Higher
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    No problem (:
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    Hi, I need past papers for 5540H/3H - Mathematics A (Linear) - 2540..

    I looked on the edexcel website and found none that were the specs I needed.. Wondering if it is a new one? I have the 2008 one from some other thread on here.. but i need the older ones as well.
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    There are no older ones. June 2008 was the first exam with this spec.
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    Does anyone have any idea where I can get past papers with mark schemes for June 2008 B2 and C2?
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    If anyone could get there hands on the Maths AQA June 2008 Higher papers it would be much appreciated.
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    I don't know if it's available, but has anyone got AQA Science ISA papers? Or at least revision help for it.
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    Anyone have the AQA/SEG Business Studies 2001 Higher paper? The paper relates to the case study about British Airways
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    That'll help you :P
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    i got that a few days ago.. i need mark schemes now
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    (Original post by Thamesh)
    Found a great link for recent past paper for English literature and language papers (WJEC). im not sure if anyone has posted this already...

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but what was the question for AQA english paper B for the poems? This is the June 2008 paper I'm talking about.
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    Well we did mocks a few days ago and I got my results and I got 37/45 on C2 and apparently that's an A* but it's only 82%. Now I am just really confused because apparently someone in my class got 31/45 and he also got A* but that is only 68% which I doubt can be an A* in ANY subject.

    I thought that A*= 90%, A=80% and so on...
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    It can be; it's the UMS not the raw-mark that determines your grade.
    Your raw-mark is converted to UMS.
    I.e. 31/45 renders 90 UMS (i.e. '90%'); because your score is very high, it can be 100UMS (i.e. '100%') which basically means you outperformed virtually everyone who took that test.
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    Now I'm confused. Care to quickly tell me what UMS is ?
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    (Original post by kai4321)
    Well we did mocks a few days ago and I got my results and I got 37/45 on C2 and apparently that's an A* but it's only 82%. Now I am just really confused because apparently someone in my class got 31/45 and he also got A* but that is only 68% which I doubt can be an A* in ANY subject.

    I thought that A*= 90%, A=80% and so on...
    Basically if that were the real exam 80% would be an A or A* depending on grade boundaries

    68%. That's definately not an A*, A or B by any means!

    Edit: Actually it could be a B if they lowered the boundaries


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