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GCSE Past Papers, Material and Requests Thread

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    GCSE Level Past Papers, Material and Requests Thread

    This thread is designated for all past papers, mark schemes, examiners' reports and other examination material requests. Please refrain from making new threads, as these will be merged into here to ensure that requests will be noticed as quickly as possible. You may search for existing material within this thread and a list of relevant links is given below.you do better on any mock exams, you would be better off spending the time studying.

    These are the websites for the main exam boards GCSE and GCE AS/A2 level:
    AQA - GCSEs
    AQA - GCE AS/A2
    - Past papers, specifications(click search).
    - NOTE - for past papers click 'Assesment Material' at the top of the subject page

    - Sample papers, specifications, student guides, some helpful study papers
    - http://eiewebvip.edexcel.org.uk/pastpapers/default.aspx
    - Use your own centre number to gain access

    - Specifications, some helpful guides

    WJEC - GCE AS/A2
    WJEC - All

    AEA specifications:
    Biology AEA
    Chemistry AEA
    Physics AEA

    Other useful sites:

    Collection of science past papers
    - Maintained by Oxymoron, if you have papers you could send him send them to [email protected]
    - A collection of A level biology papers, although the site is a bit tempramental, I might make a more stable copy of the site if I can get hold of the papers
    - Follow this link for specifications of GCSE, AS/A levels. NOTE: These are basic specifications, individual boards may be different
    - I don't know the quality of the solutions he has given, but if you email your request for maths papers to him, he can send them to you if he has them
    - It is your friend
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    Here they are, read the titles to tell you what they are. Hopefully we can discuss exam techniques as well.

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    visit http://www.thepaperbank.co.uk/
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    Does anybody know where I can download some Edexcel GCSE Maths Higher Tier Past Papers?
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    does anyone know where i can get past papers for design technology past papers for graphic products? i have my exam soon n im really scared. what are the grade boundaries? i got full marks on my coursework so thats already 60%, i really hope my exam doesnt let me down!!!
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    Does anyone know where I can get past paper for Edexcel Maths GCSE? Please post link. Thanks a million
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    Edexcel are stingy, they don't post their papers.
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    Search for past paper bank in google. Click on the first site.
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    (Original post by Babylon By Bus)
    Search for past paper bank in google. Click on the first site.
    Thank You

    Also thanks sim90 for replying
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    There was a great website which had all the maths past papers since 2000! It also showed the working out!


    something like that
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    edexcel papers are hard, the exam last monday was pretty tricky and knowing edexcel theyll make the calculator even harder! as last years test was so easy
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    Has some IGCSE questions mixed up with GCSE questions.
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    hello all

    im new to this site, so hello!

    Im wondering if anyone can help me get some edexcel chemistry (triple science) past papers please?

    Ive got the ones on the edexcel website already, so any more would be most apprecaiated!!

    thanks in advance

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    no worries thanks mate
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    Does anyone have past papers for Edexcel GCE Ordinary level Computing??
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    More than 1 type of Maths GCSE available so try and find out which one
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    I'm doing the full course atm, and would really like an idea of what I can expect in the exam (besides a vague, "Section 1 is multiple choice, Section 2 is.."), so does anyone have any tests/mocks/past papers for the Edexcel GCSE ICT course? :rolleyes:
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    ICT at GCSE is easy, i got basically 100% in the tests.
    fatmax.org is a good site, for GCSE and Alevel.

    Hope that helps
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    Do they have a GCSE section? I cant find it anywhere...


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