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So...what did u get?

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    Merry Christmas TSRians!

    So what presents did you get this Christmas?
    Make a list of all your presents (if you wish ) and divide it into the 'good' presents and the 'bad' ones

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    Perfume, a couple of novels I picked out myself, socks, house socks, mittens, loads of chocolate. My mum also visited me last week and she bought me a lovely pair of earmuffs and a windbreaker scarf thing while we were out and about in the cold. Oh and I literally just got my fiance to buy TES Oblivion for me in the Steam sale.
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    Another day with my Nan & Mum.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't open their presents at midnight? :sad:

    I already know that I'm getting a personalised journal, and I'm banking on plenty of socks and underwear.


    I got socks and underwear, :awesome:, but I also got a surprise present of some new surround speakers! Absolutely thrilled. I always secretly forget that other people will get me presents for christmas, I get so caught up in getting theirs
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    Hm, I thought most people opened their presents in the morning after they wake up.

    EDIT: Well, I got a large box of survival food for uni and my parents splashed out on an electronic drum set because I haven't been able to drum since I dismantled my kit before moving out. So happy. :ahee:
    Also a penguin onesie and a beer hat, because when our cousins and aunts/uncles come round tonight, family onesie night begins.
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    I got bummed by santa.

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    What is this trickery?

    You open them on Christmas morning. That's how it's bloody done.
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    I thought people did it like 6am onwards not midnight , you eager lot!

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    Im not allowed to open them until 7. IT'S 7. I'm off to wake my brother. See you later

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    No here in France , you open the presents at midnight

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    So ??!
    Most of you must have opened your presents by now ?! So what did you get ?

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    Self-assemble boyfriend :sad: I can't follow the instruction sheet though :sad:
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    A stapler, staples and a Laptop. He was kind to me this year :santa3:
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    My family played the whole 'let's all buy callum lynx showergel and spray' trick. I still gave a pile of them from last year and my birthday. Ah well. All fun. Merry Christmas all

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    (Original post by antihero)
    I got bummed by santa.

    He said I was his only one
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    Aaaaw you guys have been spoilt by Santa this year

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    Santa hasn't arrived yet. :mad: Maybe because I live in rented accommodation?
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    (Original post by Dagnabbit)
    Santa hasn't arrived yet. :mad: Maybe because I live in rented accommodation?
    Haha ! My mother told me that he didn't discriminate !

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    World peace but I asked for a PS3


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Updated: December 31, 2012
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