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Nottingham Trent Artifact?

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    I've been invited to an interview at Nottingham Trent and they've asked me to bring an artifact that reflects my learning. I'm not 100% about what that means, is this a piece ofwork that I have completed? Or something that represents how I learn?

    Any guidance about any part of the interview is welcome. Thanks!
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    Can anyone reply please?
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    I to have an interview which requests this and am not sure what this means any advise?
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    (Original post by yas212)
    I to have an interview which requests this and am not sure what this means any advise?

    I had an interview at Nottingham Trent a couple of years ago and for the artefact I took in a cuddly turtle toy used in the Infant School I had experience in. I said how it could be used in the classroom (nurture groups to hold, reward to take home, looking at shapes of the toy, under the sea).
    I'm guessing they mean the same thing


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