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Pgce 2013-2014

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    Anyone else accepted onto PGCE course at Liverpool Hope University 2013-2014?
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    Yes, just got confirmation yesterday
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    Yes, got my letter through yesterday
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    Yes found out in November!! Excited to start
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    Is everybody commuting or living in halls?
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    I only live like 10 minutes away so no point in halls, you?
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    I'm not sure yet live in buryso just weighing up my options
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    I already go to Hope living in a student house this year, not sure what to do next year Halls in Hope are mainly for first years
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    It says they have halls at a different campu put aside for pgce students. Think I may just commute everyday.
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    Yeah they are in Aigburth its a bus ride away from Hope uni
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    I was going to live in halls just but another friend moving to liverpool so might just rent somewhere! It still hasnt updated my offer on gttr :s
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    Hi I got my letter two weeks ago, cant wait to start in september
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    That's great news. Had everyone done their skills tests?
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    Hi everyone, you can join this group with other people doing a PGCE at Liverpool Hope next year
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    (Original post by Loz88)
    That's great news. Had everyone done their skills tests?
    Literacy I know I'll ace.

    I've got my numeracy next Tuesday, first attempt, hopefully my last. Been doing an hour or two a day for a few weeks to get ready. In my practices I'm around the border of pass/fail so I think it's going to be touch and go! :confused:
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    Hi, I've got a question that occurred to me recently: How easy is it to get from Aigburth Park accommodation to the various partner schools if you don't have a car? I'm worried about it becoming an issue. I'm also hoping the fact that I technically live in Merseyside won't stop me from getting accommodation.
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    Just received my offer for Primary! What subjects is everyone doing?
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    My name is Hannah Murphy and i'm on the PGCE Religious Education Course at Liverpool Hope 2013-2014, Just thought i'd see if anyone on here is too

    Good luck everyone, Just think in a years time we will be qualified teachers !! Scary
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    Hi, my name is Jill, and I'm beginning my biology PGCE next week. I'm living in halls. Is anyone going on the trip to Wales?


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