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rocky horror

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    going to the rocky horror tonight with mate my mom my gf and my sister.
    its gonna be awesome ive nevr seen it live but loved the play since i was 14
    i got my outfit all set
    fish nets and suspenders
    frilly knickers
    five inch stillettos which im going to break my neck in

    gonna get my sister to do my makeup and hair which il probably gona curl or put it in pigtails lol
    its goona be so awesome
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    Noooooo. Brings back bad bad memories. never want to go there again!
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    I really want to go to one of the cult midnight showings of the movie but can't find anywhere that does it in Plym.
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    (Original post by Tahooper)
    Umm... okay then.
    why did you reply to a thread that is nearly SIX YEARS OLD?!! :confused:

    eta: incidentally, I think I must be the only person in the world that has never seen rocky horror (not even the film). Was it good simon? lol. Is that what those photos on your fb of you in drag are from?


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Updated: February 29, 2012
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