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Hardest GCSE Subject?

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    English Lit/Lang
    D & T
    Language (Spanish, French, German...)
    Art And Design
    Business Studies
    Other (Post The Subject)

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    (Original post by Krazy-Kid)
    :yy: I will probably do it too.

    I am crazy :p:
    add me in!

    Physics would be like..would be like..erm ....erm.........

    HELL!.....but there you go...dont we like a challenge once in a while??

    English lit is definitely the most hardest to actually revise. Saying that, i read absolutely tons of literary criticism for my set texts. I think it paid dividence somehow..
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    the age old theory about hard work doesnt actually apply to english. No matter how hard you try, if you can't get down to improving your skills, you will never be able to improve your grade.
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    (Original post by Kquishir)
    the age old theory about hard work doesnt actually apply to english. No matter how hard you try, if you can't get down to improving your skills, you will never be able to improve your grade.
    :ditto: You are so right. I worked for 11 years and still aint very good at it.
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    I'm disappointed so many people voted for Maths (check my sig )

    I would say the hardest is art. I've never taken, but it is the only one that requires natural talent.
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    (Original post by Krazy-Kid)
    I'm being serious

    Look on this website. Astronomy is a rare GCSE subject.

    Astrology is different to astronomy
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    Bump as there is another hardest subject poll thread.
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    In terms of the sheer amounts of work involved, it's got to be Graphics and Art. Although my lowest grade was a D for short course ICT, I'm not going to say that was the hardest...I just didn't do anything for the whole two years for coursework but got a B in the exam.

    (Original post by Kquishir)
    the age old theory about hard work doesnt actually apply to english. No matter how hard you try, if you can't get down to improving your skills, you will never be able to improve your grade.
    This is what my class 4 teacher at primary school said to my class in year 6, but she said it about maths and english. Now I look back, it's not a very motivational thing to say to a class about to do SATs, but she did lighten the blow with "although you can improve in science with hard work".
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    Ancient, oh no wait 'Classical' Greek. Stupid AQA subjest. Forced to do it. Picked Latin and on the first day: 'well we are going to be doing Greek as well'

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    There all hard!
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    I hate all these people on TV and stuff, saying that the GCSEs are easy. I mean, it's quite obvious that hardly any of them have taken one themselves, so how would they know?!! It's a lot harder than people think imo.
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    GCSE Latin is statistically the hardest of all by over a grade.


    Click on the top result to read the report, and you'll get the results of research by the CEM centre in Durham. It goes Latin (by a long way!!) then Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish. Based on the 2005 set of GCSE results.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I feel languages, and english are harder. They don't have right or wrong answers as much as maths. Also they are much harder to revise.

    I don't do any classics, so I can't comment. Athough i can see there is loads of vocab to learn for them.
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    Surely it's all subjective? If you're good at Maths, then you have the potential to get a good grade regardless of the statistics. If you're more inclined towards the languages, you'll do better in those. So there isn't really a subject which is hardest, it's more like, which is the hardest for you?
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    I agree, it is subjective. Athough I usually discover that people find some subjects harder than others.
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    For me it's art because I find it hard to keep up. But I probably struggle more in maths because I just don't understand it. I find other subjects easier I guess because it's just learning content, whereas with maths you need to learn techniques.
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    IT theory is a doddle, but the coursework is 66% and takes FOREVER to do, so coursework makes IT hard for me. RE full course is a real p*** take because your own opinion isn't as important in the subject as they made it out to be when we were deciding on GCSE options - that's really put me off the whole subject. And you also have to memorise a lot of quotes from scriptures. Music is OK when my creative juices are flowing, otherwise i end up spinning on a chair; an unproductive little lump! I'm also a bit rubbish at knowing intervals/cadences etc, listening exam is a nightmare!!!

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    Art probably, in terms of hours spent doing work.
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    Mmmmmm... DEFINITELY Business studies, coz i got a C in it which was my lowest GCSE grade
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    Overall I'd say languages, because I suck at them.

    After that, english lit, english lang and geography - I don't usually do so well on coursework.

    Which makes me getting full marks or close to on my history essays a bit amusing.
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    I think English. I think it's partly because it's not about right or wrong answers, it's about having skills that really can't be taught like other fact-based subjects can.

    But then of course different people find different subjects hard. A lot of people struggle with French I find but I did it in Year 9 and got an A* and found it quite easy.


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