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Toner- morning and night?

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    I started using toner about a month ago (nivea daily toner and cleanser) and I love it! I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately. My question is, should I use it morning and night or just morning?

    In a morning, I wash my face with a gentle non- scrub facewash, then use toner, then moisturise. I follow this scheme most nights too, apart from wednesday and sunday. On wednesday and sunday I use a peel off face maks with blackhead strips, then a scrub and then I would use toner and moisturiser.

    Also, I sometimes use a blemish stick. When would be the best part of my routine to use this?

    Thanks guys
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    I'm no expert, but I only use it at night. I *think* you're meant to use it morning and night though. I would use your blemish stick last.
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    I only use toner at night as well, but I have no idea if that's what you're supposed to do or not!
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    Haha if no one knows I'll just keep doing what I'm doing :P
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    Just do whatever works best for your skin.
    I never used to use toner and I was told I should so I bought one and started using it morning and night and then I started developing acne because of it so just pay attention to your skin.


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