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EUPR1a Form

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    I am Mafalda Correa's father (Customer Reference Number 991772171131) and received this EUPR1a Form at our address in Portugal. Because Mafalda is currently studying in London I would like to ask you to send a copy of this form to her current address in London that is

    Mafalda Correa
    45 Bounds Green Road N22 8HB

    Luis Correa
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    Hi Luis,

    Sorry I can't access your daughter's account from here to do this.

    She can print off a copy however by logging into her online account then going to My Account and View Correspondence.

    Many thanks,
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    Hi again!

    Thanks! I sent her the information you posted and I'm sure she'll manage to print the form.




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Updated: March 6, 2013
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