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Edexcel C3,C4 June 2013 Thread

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    (Original post by InditeHarry)
    My worry is how easy I've been getting A's on C3 since January and also how easily I could just get screwed over.
    same :/ did 4 past papers yesterday and got scores between 66-73 :/ I hadn't touched C3 since Jan except one 2005 paper.... :/ :/
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    It's weird, I don't really need to do extremely well in C4 (45 UMS for an A) but I'm still revising so much for it!

    But I just love maths :')

    Good luck to everyone doing C3 this morning, a lot of people in my year are resitting it!

    EDIT: What's with all the negs
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    Any tips of how to revise for C4? also does anyone have the list of the formulas we need to know?
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    Since the C4 paper was compromised, there might be a harder C4 paper. Better to prepare even more.

    So, discuss away!
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    now what the hell happened in that exammm !!!!?????????? and i thought solomans were hard? LOL oo wow .... whats everyones view?
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    Think I'm going to puke if I look at the unofficial mark scheme.
    Still in so much shock.

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    Let the raging begin!
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    Raging is an understatement!!

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    What the hell was that? Arseys mark scheme anyone?
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    That was hard as Hell:/ iswere i thought the exam officer was just gonna bust in and say guys sorry wrong paper.

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    Thought it was hard, was relatively prepared though
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    The Solomons were far easier! But on reflection I could have done far better. Would be lucky to get 50/75 totally rushed it.
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    This april fools joke is not funny (nor at the right time)

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    I thought I got givena wrong paper. Two people were just literally crying and sniffing during the exam :+

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    I found only 3.a tricky (4 marks), and ff(0) impossible (2 marks), and I could only find 1 solution instead of 2 for the last part of question 8.

    Apart from that it was... different than usual. And I did all the Solomons and normal past papers, most of which I got 90% to 100% in.

    Save us, Arsey!
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    Yeah i agree solomn paper i was getting top marks, my brain spazed out in that exam.

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    Why did you guys get for the ff(0)

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    Edexcel's statement

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    There's a couple of complete a-holes on facebook being cocky arrogant idiots about it, but it seems the vast majority of people found that ridiculous...should mean very low grade boundaries hopefully!!!
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    I got 5, worked out two equations for the straight line and carried on from there


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Updated: September 24, 2013
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