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Girls: Do you like being given flowers?

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    Just a bit of a weird question which has probably been answered before. (sorry). I'm going to my girlfriend’s house sometime this week and I was thinking about getting her some flowers (No special reason by the way).

    so girls, do you like receiving flowers? And what do you think when you get given them?

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    It's nice receiving them because it feels like you've made an effort to impress/please the girl
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    Well I always immediately think "what has he done" because in the four years we've been together he's only ever got me flowers when he's done something wrong, or when he thinks I'm annoyed about something.

    I would like to have some delivered from time to time, a nice arrangement, as I feel they're different to guilt flowers.
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    Personally I don't like flowers, just because they die so quickly and it seems like a waste of money.

    That said, however, if a boyfriend bought me flowers 'just because' I think the sentiment behind it would be a really sweet and lovely idea.
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    I would like it, but no one has ever bought me any :emo:
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    As with most girls, my first thought would be "what has he done?"

    Either that or I would just find it cheesey

    But I don't think I count as a normal girl
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    (Original post by MissDavies)
    I would like it, but no one has ever bought me any :emo:

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    I'd like the gesture but they would set off my hayfever

    Edit: I suppose you could always buy fake ones or even the ones that do the boogy-wiggle dances. At least you'd be able to keep them for a lot longer and the thought would still be there.
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    (Original post by kka25)

    Thankyou Made my day.
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    Definitely, 3 years of relationship and even when I said "I love flowers, it would be fantastic if..." Not even a petal... Go for it!

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    I don't understand what it is about flowers specifically. A few years ago I used to say "what the hell does a person do with flowers, I'd just throw them away". Nowadays I'm a plant enthusiast so I'd keep them.

    It's more to do with the gesture than anything else though.
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    Hell no, they are pointless and die anyway. if they were fake and looked really nice than maybe. Similarly to teddy bears, wth would I do with that? I'd prefer getting gifts I can do something with e.g. books, taking me out to dinner, DVD, new video game, a card, love letter, jewellry, clothes. Something productive or entertaining. I do not find flowers romantic in the slightest. Only if there were rose petals in a bath tub, with candles all round as I'm taking a bath with my lover....
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    (Original post by Beth_L_G)
    As with most girls....But I don't think I count as a normal girl
    So.... most girls don't count as normal?

    OP, if it were for a Birthday present or something it'd be a bit of a cop-out present, but still quite a nice gesture. As a totally random gift though, I'd be delighted =P I suppose because it shows you've been thinking about her and wanted to do something to make her happy
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    I've never brought flowers. I do want to, but I waited so long (like an idiot) that now I am just saving it for something incredibly special. Maybe a proposal or something.
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    i love receiving flowers
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    I highly recommend it- two pounds from Tescos for a lovely bunch, very cheap way into her good books.
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    I think it'd be lovely as a random little gesture! I wouldn't be impressed if I got flowers every birthday or something though. I'm never expecting presents, but I just think constantly being given flowers is a bit crappy really. As someone above said, it does seem like a bit of a cop-out gift!

    But yeah, I think it would be sweet!


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