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Where to study Primary education with QTS

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    I want to study primary teaching with QTS but I don't know where to study it!:confused:
    I would either like to study primary teaching in genral or specialise in geography! Has anyone got any suggestions of where i could do this?
    I plain on having about 180-220 tarrif points when i leave.:confused:
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    University of Wales Institute, Cardiff - Primary Education for QTS - (Geography) - BC/CC

    University of Central England in Birmingham - Primary Education (Options) - (Geography) - 200 points

    Kingston University - Primary Teaching (Geography) - 180 points

    Newman College of Higher Education - Primary (3-7 years with science subject options) - (Geography) - 160 points
    Primary (5-11 years with sci subject options) - (Geography) - 160 points

    The North East Wales Institute of Higher Education - Education (Primary) with QTS - (Geography) (X103) - 150-180 points

    Roehampton University - Primary Education FS & KS1 (Geography) - 240 points
    3FT Hon BA Primary Education Key Stage 1 & 2 (Geography) - 240 points

    St Martin's College, Lancaster; Ambleside; Carlisle; London (accredited college of Lancaster Univ) - Education and Geography - 200 points

    Do a search on UCAS for more info. Make sure you click on the QTS option though
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    I'm going to De Montfort and it's got a great reoutation for teaching, including primary teaching. Also, the University of Hatfield (or is it Hertfordshire :confused: ) has a good reputation. Quite a few of my friends are going there.
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    UCE (university of central england) is a great uni for teaching. got a fantastic reputation in the west midlands.
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    oxford brookes should be an option
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    Bishops grotesste (spelling) in lincolnshire has a great reputation and has just recieved status to give its own diplomas andlincoln is a really nice place
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    I'm goimg to Leeds Trinity and All saints.

    Need 3 C'S *crosses fingers* :confused:
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    (Original post by daddysprincess)
    Bishops grotesste (spelling) in lincolnshire has a great reputation and has just recieved status to give its own diplomas andlincoln is a really nice place
    I second that
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    Do you know of anywhere in Essex where I could study this, please?
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    Check the unis in essex and see what courses they offer.
    UCAS should be helpful as well.
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    Hey Jo!

    I'll hopefully be going to St. Martin's College in Sept to do a 4yr Biology with Education QTS degree.

    The Interview was great,it was really informal and just like a chat, I was really put at ease.

    The City of Lancaster is also lovely with nice people, good shops etc. and Morecambe Bay is near by, which is beautiful.

    The Accomodation is very well kept aswell.


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    I'm going to Canterbury Christ Church as they were the only Uni I could find that let you specialise in more than one subject, they also offer a lot more choices than other Uni's I look ed at. There is a list of Uni's and colleges that provide teacher training on the goverment 'teach' website... http://www.tda.gov.uk/Home/Recruit/t...dcolleges.aspx
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    is it for this year? Most courses will be full for this year
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    i dont think the person that started this thread is even reading it - she only has 2 posts registered since this time last month.
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    But I just haven't had anything to comment on recently!
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    for 4-5 weeks youve had nothing to comment on!!!
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    Yep that is correct :p:
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    well your posts have doubled in the last 24 hours so well done!
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    (Original post by The Boosh)
    well your posts have doubled in the last 24 hours so well done!


    I hope you found my post useful, Jo


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