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The bucket list game - rules inside!!!

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    Write down three bucket list items for the next poster... Funny/serious/silly up to you!!

    1) Go to the nearest international airport and ask which flights are going out within the next 2 hours, pick one and jump on it! upon landing.... search for a cheap hotel/hostel/B&B and have a look at the local attractions. Stop strangers in the street and attempt a conversation!

    2) Cycle/hike to a neighbouring city! like from Oxford to London or from Leicester to Birmingham...etc

    3) Visit interlaken!
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    1) Give £50 to a charity in the next 6 months.
    2) Travel abroad to somewhere you wouldn't expect to go.
    3) Smile to every stranger for a full day.
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    1) Run away and join a circus
    2) Throw a potato at a complete stranger
    3) Pick up the above potato, say "oops thats mine" and walk away

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    1. Learn a martial art
    2. Volunteer abroad
    3. Do something totally spontaneous/crazy/out of character
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    1. Go zorbing
    2. Give money to charity
    3. Buy a stranger a gift
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    1. Go to Japan during Sakura season and wear a yukata.
    2. Attend a comic convention wearing a really wacky outfit.
    3. Save a person's life.
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    1) Go to Vegas and kiss the first person you see
    2) Run around naked
    3) Tell people that are close to you that you love them


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Updated: June 13, 2013
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