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Best University for Business Degree?

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    ^ just wondering, why would you want to live in Leeds or Manchester?

    I also would rather live in northern England, but I would like to know your point of view
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    how come this is in the Business + management thread?
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    I read your comments and I think they really give a student a perspective. also that tempted me to ask regarding the observation I made....
    Are ALL best B-schools in England?
    When compared to US which would be a better bet?
    And my results are according to Indian standards (70% means 1st rank), and I am an averagee. How can I stand a chance?
    Is buisness really taken for granted considering the subject it requires are relatively easy?
    I need to know details because I am an engineer and I can choose to get into the business field (which I absolutely love) or master in Engineering...
    Can anyone be so kind and help me chose my future for me?
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    Hi all, interesting chat but you seem to focus on entry grades, is that really what you think makes a great degree, the university with the highest entry grades?

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    Don't just look at the league tables look at what course look good for you such as the modules studied and what universities you like the look of and go to as many open days as possible they are so useful for getting a feel for the University that you can't get from a prospectus.

    I'm going to Lancaster but I chose to go there because they seemed to really care about me, I explained I couldn't go to an open day and the head of the department rang me up and answered all my questions and they organised for me to visit and have a tour which I thought was amazing but one of the main things was the major minor thing they do where you would take a major such as management and then minor in two other subjects in the University I thought this was a good fit for me.

    Don't worry about your subjects although a Maths AS will be very helpful if you could pick that up as some courses will ask for it but many do not, I didn't look at London uni's but I know Durham and Bristol prefer maths
    I did Graphics, Business and English plus had an archaeology AS, all really random as I didn't originally apply to management degrees but I got into all the one's I applied to so don't worry just make sure the entry requirements are achievable and apply to at least one with much lower requirements just in case

    I applied to and got offers from:

    I applied late so my choices were slightly more limited but If I had applied on time I would have also have applied to Bath and Exeter although I think I like Lancaster more then I would have liked both of them.

    I didn't look at any London Universities so can't suggest anything there although I've hear LSE is good.

    A few people seem to be saying Nottingham is one of the best and I really didn't like it, the course (management) seemed very accountant focussed and the lecturers were far too research focussed for my liking, but it would still be worth a look but I didn't think it was anything special compared to the others I applied for. For me it was a decision between Lancaster and Loughborough so I would definitely recommend looking at them both.

    I would also recommend courses that have a placement year, experience is so important when applying for graduate jobs now and gives you that advantage over people who didn't do one
    Good luck


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Updated: August 15, 2013
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