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ccg2 for 12/13 & ccg1 for 13/14

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    If a ccg2 form is recieved by yourselves today (signed for today) how long until I can expect that to be processed/reassessed and paid to me?
    Also, I applied online for next year finance, it said I am entitled to PLA and CCG but still to be calculated; received ccg1 form in post, few days later before id even sent off ccg for 13/14 I recieved a letter saying not entitled to any pla/ccg next year (due to they'd worked out my daughter will be financially dependent on my partner not me?). Is this correct as I thought id need to send in the application before that can be decided?
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    Hi Laura,

    Not necessarily as the special support team will up to date information about your income and finances which would have been used to calculate your current entitlements. If in doubt it's provably best to speak with one of our advisers though on 0845 300 5090 who will able to check your account details for you.

    We're currently working on 12/13 CCG2 forms received up to and including 11 March at the moment so it'll be around 3 weeks before it's fully processed.

    Hope this helps,


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Updated: April 10, 2013
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