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How often do you take breaks during study? How long break?

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    Studies have show that taking break helps.
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    When I take a break I don't resume working.... So I don't take breaks

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    It depends! Whenever your mind gets diverted or you feel your concentration level is falling you should take a break. Prioritising of work helps you concentrate well.
    I usually take a break of 10-15 minutes.

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    Do 5 mins worth of work and then take a whole day break.
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    I personally don't like taking breaks just because I know that I will get distracted. If I go to watch tv or on the computer for 15 minutes, that will turn into a couple of hours. So for me, I would rather just keep revising. However, I do set aside breaks for eating (obviously) and if there is a programme on tv I would like to watch. However, if I do take a break from my revision, then it tends to be ten minutes in my room where I have no distractions and can clear my brain.
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    I usually do an hour and a half, then have a half an hour break. Its just how long you can last without losing concentration really
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    In an ideal world 5-10 minutes every 40

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    I'm on here after about 5mins of revision so...


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