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Excellent English Study Site:

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    I just want to advise you all to go there ( - it has excellent resources that make you understand things much more clearly and cogently. I've just finished the poetry section, and will now do the story section to prepare for the Language exam.
    I hope this helps all of you.
    Now I'm really tired... I'm off to bed. See you
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    This is an amazing site! Thank you!
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    It looks really comprehensive, thanks!
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    Pretty good find mate
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    this site is fantastic. thanks so much!
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    I'm really glad to help!
    I've been through the poetry part... The only thing is, after having spoken to my teacher about binary opposition, he says he personally wouldn't use that term when it comes to the poems. You could refer to it more like an oxymoron, for example in Miracle on St David's Day, the description of the patients' 'presences, absences'.
    Hopefully I'll have time to go through the story part of the site, before my English exam on Tuesday... I don't know how I'll do it, as I haven't really revised much, now that I have Maths on Monday. Oh well...
    But yes, use that site to help you. My teacher says it's aimed at A/A* candidates, and it's more comprehensive than other evision sites I have seen around, perhaps more succint but detailed enough. It does take some time to go through each section, though...
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    Wouldn't 'presences, absences' be an antithesis? [/me not clear with literary terms]
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    Oh God. Now I'm confused.
    Actually, I think you are probably right... But I don't know, we always referred to it as an oxymoron.. But then what is an oxymoron and what is antithesis? And where can we find examples of these in the identity poems?
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    I dont know what antithesis is but I would just write oxymoron.

    mwah x
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    i wouldnt use either word. an oxymoron is when to ideas are juxtaposed within a clause - like 'deafening silence',. an antithesis is basicly a complete opposite, - absence is the antonym of presence, but i don't think it would realy make sense to say 'the poet uses antithesis'.
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    OMG I :suith: U FRAPPS!!!!! thank youuuuuu


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