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    Btw did you guys peek those rock dvds I posted in here :p:
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    Bunch of weirdos :p:

    I downloaded three of his dvds, only seen one so far.
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    Hey guys! I don't think i've posted in here before, nor am i much of a WWE fan. Well, i was a little bit 'back in the day' but over the past few months have only seen it on & off really.

    Who do you guys think will be the man to take the crown from Randy Orton? Jeff Hardy's the main contender isn't he? I like the guy, and his entrance is great (:jiggy: ) but does he really have what it takes to become Champion?

    I quite like Randy Orton. Probably only because he beat/knocked out Cena. Cena was an annoying ****e Sooo glad when they took the title away from him. Does anyone know when he'll be returning?

    Good to see J2J back. The guy's a legend.
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    Jeff hardy jumped from the scaffolding and did a swanton bomb on orton yesterday...they were both stretchered out, scripted yes but still, was cool.
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    The swanton bomb he did on Umaga from the top of the steel cage the other day was bloody awesome too.
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    yeh the scaffolding was double the height of that I think :eek:
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    Woah :shock: I've got to watch that replay.
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    there u go!
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    i think orton was actually knocked out properly.
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    Nahh just very good acting tbh! That black box was perfectly place for him to land, its funny when you see the whole thing and they show some RANDOM black box placed there, it had no relevance to the set or anything!
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    Wow. That was brilliant. Jeff Hardy rocks :rock:
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    Was pretty awesome

    If they had just ended Raw after Jeff hit the Swanton, showed him laying on Orton then have JR say some crap like "Oh my gawd, oh my gawd! What have we just witnessed?!" then fade to black, Raw ends.

    That would have been a much better ending.

    Instead of showing the Refs and Medics peel off the black covering to reveal tons and tons of styrafoam.
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    Jeff Hardy deserves to win the belt just for that imo. He's been more entertaining that Cena and RKO.

    When he was on the 1st scaffolding, I was like thats lower than the steel cage in which he done the whisper in the wind (which was also awesome) but then he climbed up the next set and I was like yea man!

    That swanton just looked sick, if anyone here has played Assasins Creed, it looked just like that.

    On one of the replays, you could see the force, as Jeffs legs just shot back up. Gotta rate RKO for taking it aswell, I mean if he actually did, coz I ain't 100% sure tbh.

    Laevis - Welcome to the WWE Society, though it's not really a society since the founder is missing :confused:

    Just think of it as one big happy thread!

    We all pretty much hated Cenas title run, so you're not alone.
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    I think Jeff Hardy's style is the way forward, quick, highflying moves, entertaining as ****!

    Although 1 is enough for now :p: Smack down have Rey and my favourite Jimmy Wang :ninja:
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    Does he really need to do it though? (Not complaining) But he's in the main event now doesn't need to keep doing it to get over.
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    It's for the entertainment though init, I reckon once in a while doing those death defying stunts are a breath of fresh air, obviously not doing it every week which he seems to be doing haha. I think he does it cos he enjoys doing it, he's been doing it for years really.
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    I agree with LawYah. I mean, the stuff he used to do back in the day with Matt was sick. If he done what he's been doing for the last two weeks in those times, nobody would make such a big deal about it.

    But the fact is, this kinda stuff hardly ever happens in the E anymore. It really is refreshing to see those things that you rewind 5-6 times (I did this week and last week).

    I don't think he does it to get over, he doesn't need to get "more" over. It fits into the whole xtreme persona. He was always more extreme than Matt.

    I can't believe Vinnie Mac let him do that, I mean he doesn't even let Paul London do his shooting star press. The man is shook of lawsuits now....
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    Remember Brocks version of the shooting star press? Completly flopped it! haha
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    (Original post by LawYah)
    Remember Brocks version of the shooting star press? Completly flopped it! haha

    Looked sick till he landed, which actually looked even sicker lol Brock got knocked the **** out!

    Speaking of Lesnar, he's making his UFC debut next month. I really hope Frank Mir kicks his ass.

    Brock thinks he's the top mma fighter or something coz he beat one unknown guy...
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    Brock was one of the best wrestlers the E had in ages. Loved the F5 not many people ***** about Goldberg but he did the exact same thing as Lesnar.
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