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    lol, I applied really late for accomodation and didnt get into the halls I wanted (R&G, Dale) I ended up in lady mountford and I am so glad I did, the way its organised into blocks, makes it alot more easier to talk to ppl, you end up getting to know evryone in your block which is about 30 ppl, I think that would be almost impossible in any other halls expect morton which have the same layout. Also you get a large middle floor kitchen which ,is a nice communal space to share, as it has table and chairs. After the summer there will be three showers on every floor. Plus i had a massive room.

    Anyway think i have babbled enough, CARNATIC all the way, better bar! better events.
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    (Original post by jamie7)
    lol...I live in Greenbank and I'm not stuck up! My family come from a poor background and I know a few working class people at Greenbank. But I'd agree that MOST of the people at R n G (not D n R) are stuck up.
    Rubbish. Did you live in D&R? Living at R&G I have met a few 'stuck up' people. The vast majority however are not. Honestly, it's a very unfair attack, and I bet D&R has a few characters as well, partially given that the costs of living there are the same.
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    I'm glad you're happy benieam, I've never actually been there, but I'm just going on what other people have told me about Lady Mountford. There are nice people in any halls you go to . No, KPeh, I did not live at D & R, I lived at R & G, so I think that I'd know what people are like there and I don't think that was unfair. I agree that you could get stuck up people in any halls, but IMO this academic year there was a concentration of stuck up people in R & G. I'm not saying everyone is, but that's the general feeling I got from living there myself.
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    Heh, it was at the back of my mind that you were from R&G, but the reality to me has been very different! I guess it just depends who you socialised with. Certainly none of the groups I bounded about were at all stuck up. Then again, there are, what, 300 people at R&G?
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    do the baths in dale hall not have a shower attatchment of some description?
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    Im gonna be in Dale. Is there not even those mixer type showers?
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    (Original post by JayB124)
    Im gonna be in Dale. Is there not even those mixer type showers?
    mixer type showers? In Dale you share a shower with one other person. The other Carnatic halls is like one shower to 4 people
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    oooh I'm really excited now... I've just been organising photos and stuff for my room - staying in McNair... glad people have good stuff to say about it because I didn't really look at any accommodation when I applied... I just randomly picked one!
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    yup mcnair is one of the best!
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    (Original post by mattwilson)
    yup mcnair is one of the best!
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    ooh what room are you in in mcnair?? im B121!
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    (Original post by hailz202)
    ooh what room are you in in mcnair?? im B121!
    I'm C020
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    im guna b in rankin D205. i picked rankin cos the rooms ther hav a sink in. i figure that may b useful wen in the mornings evry1 hu i share a bathroom wiv wil b wantin to use it at the same tym.

    in a sink i can also b sik in the middle of the nyt...and wee if i reali have to.

    i dnt fink the bare brick walls in rankin r guna bother me eiva if thats wot ther is...il cover it up wiv all my photos n flyers in no tym so its no biggy
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    Im in Rankin to, im D013, unlucky for some. im guessin 013 is on the ground floor? does any one know what the showers are like in Rankin??
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    So.... stupid question...when we get there, where do we go?!
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    porters lodge i think. i'm sure there'll be signs and stuff! i mean, i hope there will be!
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    oh my effing god!!!!! iv been waitin for this for soooooo long and now im absolutely brickin it

    dnt even no y eiva!
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    omg lol well i'm here and unpacked and what not and.... no-one seems to be around my block!! If there's anyone in Rankin A block pleassseee come n chat, make yourself welcome! i'm A309. If anyone from there reads this, i'll see u in carnatic house at half 7. Please talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hey, nobody seems to be on McNair B1 either!! ah well. i wouldnt worry people are still moving into rankin today arent they? so some will pprobably arrive later! x
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    yup i arrived today. I've seen a few people but it's certainly not enough to fill the block! Yeah most of them probably aren't here yet... Oh well, hopefully i'll meet people at the welcome meeting and the party tonight! you going?


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