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Does Debenham do Student Discount?

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    (Original post by KerriT)
    Does Warehouse do student discount?
    Yes they do, 10% with NUS.

    As for the Debenhams card, you can pay it off early before you get your statement. In fact, when I did my account card training at Debenhams (I work for a concession within Debenhams), we were told to advertise this fact to the customer so that they would avoid paying interest, to try and get more people to take out an account. If Debenhams dont want people to do this then they shouldnt be telling their staff to tell customers!!
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    It used to be a selling point for account cover cause if you paid off your account before you got your statement, you weren't charged the cover charge. However, now that we aren't allowed to 'recommend' cover its not a sales tip really, though you could say they can jus pay it off the next day I guess if it helps sway someone. Its fine to pay off before the statement (though Debs don't really like it) but what I'm saying is customers can't pay it off straight after they've opened it / the same day - there are ways around it though like going to a different tillpoint or opening it with someone who doesn't know.
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    (Original post by mouse89)
    dorothy perkins accept the connexions card,new look only accept the NUS card.
    didnt know new look had student discount! haha, my prom dress was a bargain from there at £25 anyway, and the place I least expected to find one
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    I know it's not fashion related, but when we asked in Virgin Megastore a few weeks back, they said they don't do it at the moment but it is very likely 10% student discount will be introduced next year, happy days!
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    (Original post by mouse89)
    dorothy perkins accept the connexions card,new look only accept the NUS card.
    how do you get the NUS card coz ive got the crappy connexions card
    you can only get an NUS card if you're at a college or uni where the students union is affiliated with the NUS. my students union issue an NUSonline card, which is one that doesn't have a picture on, because our uni issue their own students card, & i've never had to actually show the NUS card when i've been getting discounts in topshop, new look, dorothy perkins, HMV, & a few other places. they just glance at the student card & thats all
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    ^^the girl didnt even check my nus card jus saw it in my hand n gave me the discount.
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    (Original post by Lalli)
    ^^the girl didnt even check my nus card jus saw it in my hand n gave me the discount.
    Hardly anywhere does check em, you just say 'can I get student discount' and show a card and they jus say yeah a lot of the time and don't study the card in your hand. I find frequently that I start to like pull it out of my wallet in front of em and they jus say 'yeah its fine'. A nice trick to try as well is to say (this is before I got a Connexions) 'oh I am sposed to be getting one but my student union keep messing me about' - cause apparently that can happen and they just say 'aww don't worry I'll do it for you just this once'
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    connexions card is closing down which sucks! it's another two years until I can get an NUS!
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    debenhams is **** anyway. It's sooooo pre-21st C.
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    my debenhams does 15% student discount on redherring (i work on there on that department) but its only becuase the big boss man made us have a massive red herring department (its bigger than brum and leicster and all other huge stores) and said that as an incentive we can give student discount!

    and as for paying ur card off straight away, you can do it, debenhams dont mind, they advise you no to as you are supposed to give chance for the sale to go onto the card, but you certinally DO NOT have to wait for ur statement! and also now that debs cards are mastercards its a lot lower APR!


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