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Any tips on how to memorise a french oral?

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    Ive got a french oral coming up soon and i need to learn lots of paragraphs,
    has anyone got any tips on how to memorize these quickly?
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    I have a visual memory and I learn by doing, so I wrote out my oral about 10 times and practised saying it out aloud about 5 times a day from memory.

    If you learn by listening record it and put it on repeat and play it dozens of times each day.

    Good luck!
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    Start testing yourself before you even try to learn it. Failing and then checking the fail helps you memorise things sooo much better
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    (Original post by ilovecake123)
    Ive got a french oral coming up soon and i need to learn lots of paragraphs,
    has anyone got any tips on how to memorize these quickly?
    Voice record your questions and answers.

    Play the clip and listen to the question. Pause the voice clip. Say your answer. Listen to the actual planned answer.

    Writing the Q&As out after this process also helps reinforce it into your brain.

    When I did German, I couldn't memorise everything so I just learnt the gist of the question and brushed up on my grammar and i formulated an answer somewhat similar to my planned one on the spot if I wasn't able to recall it.
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    Get some flashcards and write out key phrases on them. Then say the presentations out loud and look at the flashcards less and less. I finished my languages degree and for my orals I basically recited the sheets to myself time and again until it was imprinted on my brain. Warn people you're living with as they might think you're a bit of a nutter
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    (Original post by ilovecake123)
    Ive got a french oral coming up soon and i need to learn lots of paragraphs,
    has anyone got any tips on how to memorize these quickly?
    You can't really do it quickly/ well it depends on how good you are at memorising.

    I did my first speaking exam last year! from what I remember was, I wrote the paragraphs out around 6 times. I wrote them really slowly and I had to intake the information carefully; by this I mean literally understanding the words and stuff. Don't just write the paragraphs and not understand it, make sure you know the meaning of the words because then if you struggle in the exam (which I doubt you will) at least you have something to jog your memory.

    or turn it into a song, people tend to remember songs quite well.
    Whatever works best for you. Good luck
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    Write each sentence on a separate line and learn it line by line- do 1, then 1+2, etc etc until you build it up.
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    Different People Have Different Techniques, Here Are A Few Popular Techniques:

    1) Write it out over and over again
    2) Write out the first sentence three times and then a fourth from memory, working your way through the whole oral, repeating until the whole thing is learnt
    3) Repeat the oral aloud
    4) Try teaching a friend your oral or talking to someone about your oral - teaching people what you know is a popular memory tool
    5) Record yourself saying it and listen to it wherever and whenever

    Finally, if you know your oral in English you will find it far easier to learn. This is because you will be able to simply translate it in your head prompting your memory!

    Hope I helped


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Updated: June 24, 2013
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