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AQA Maths D2

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    How did people find it? I thought it was easy, but no doubt the grade boundaries will be high like all the decision exams usually are.

    What did people make the value of P for the game theory question? I think i made it like 7/13 (with 1-P being 6/13 obviously) which is probably wrong, otherwise not much else of the paper caused many problems.
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    I found it really easy. Should hopefully get an A from it

    I got 3/4 for the value of p and 1/4 for the value of the game.

    For the max flow I got 105.
    For the simplex question I got 42
    For an Eulerian graph with 6 verticies and 12 edges, I dre a hexagon with all edges repeated to make 12 edges
    What did people get for those?
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    I got P as 6/8, and the value of the game as 1/4.

    I found most of the exam relatively easy. Did you get the maximum flow as 105?
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    Did anyone get 74 for the minimum time for the hungarian algorithm allocation question?
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    Yeah I got 74 too


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Updated: June 8, 2006
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