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York Applicants 2014

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    Seems like an appropriate time to make this, with most sixth formers considering putting together their first drafts of their personal statement and whatnot over the summer vacation.

    I'm looking to apply for graduate entry to the LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice or the MA in Applied Human Rights (still haven't 100% decided), in the Centre for Applied Human Rights.

    I graduated from Newcastle University in 2012 with a 1st in History and have since been living and working at a middle school teaching English speaking and conversation in Daegu, South Korea. Additionally I write the charity section for a local magazine and work on the events and advocacy team for Daegu's LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) NGO chapter.

    Interestingly, York was my firm choice but I never made the grade in maths and so I ended up at Newcastle (my insurance). Now I find myself contacting professors for a reference for York. ^^

    I imagine this topic is going to contain mostly prospective undergrads and that's great too ofc.
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    I'll most likely be applying for a BA in English & Related Literature. The course at York looks fantastic and I love the city to bits, but I haven't been fully won over by the campus yet.

    How did you come to decide which MA to do?


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