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ARGH! don't you hate it how jeans stretch?

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    i hate it how jeans always fit perfectly in the shop and just after you have washed them...but then after a few hours of wearing them stretch out and get really baggy!
    it always happens to me! i can never seems to find jeans that stay tight!
    for example i recently bought a pair of jeans from GAP, and i deliberately went for ones that were slightly on the too tight side....but then inevitably by the end of the first night i wore them to go out they were bagging round the bum and slipping down a bit.
    i suppose one solution would be to wash them after every time you wear them- but that's not really viable....
    so what's the answer? does anyone know a brand or type of jean that doesn't stretch out?
    advice would be very much appreciated.
    thanks xx
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    I guess the problem is that your bum doesn't look big enough in it. hehe.
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    i really hate that, its usually around the knees...though nowadays its trouble getting into them, than them being baggy...

    topshop jeans get baggy really easily i find, and as someone else said urban outfitters do really good fitting jeans & trousers, especially skinnies, or you could just buy baggy jeans..
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    i hate it when that happens, it's really annoying. if you don't have time to wash them after every wear, stick them in the tumble drier with a damp cloth, that usually makes them a bit tighter again!
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    Argh, yes. I love them the first minute I put them on, then 3 hours later I have a saggy arse. Bah.
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    yes the soltuion to jeans being too baggy is drink more beer



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Updated: June 11, 2006
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