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Bristol Picture/Chat Thread

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    :toofunny: At the last pic!
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    Haha...you mean the skirt or the very very drunk one?
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    The very, very drunk one. I've been caught on camera wearing a bodice of some sort, so...
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    Haha yeah that was St. Patricks day this year in my house. I can't remember most of it, but I do remember dancing on the kitchen table to Blur and a really old Now! CD (like NOW! 23 - had 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' on it).

    I'm informed my friends put me in the bin outside as well. And beat me with a wooden spoon, which broke on my "boney a*se".
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    lol! Great stuff! Do you suppose There was a Now! 1? With Beethoven on it or something? :confused:

    So you're gunna be the drunken party animal? Excellent
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    I have been known to drink more than I should, yes.

    I don't see why that should stop after making the transition from south London to Bristol...in fact the change of scenery will probably result in an increase in alcohol consumption.
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    Okay, the first one is of NYE this year and the second is me and my chum at my 18th.
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Name:	NYE 2005 004.jpg 
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Name:	My 18th Birthday 018.jpg 
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    boys get used to wearing skirts! it will happen at lot at uni, well it seems to
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    Haha I'm up for the cross dressing. It's been too long in fact (that pic is from T in the Park last July).
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    You look to be quite a small person in those pics, Rosie. How tall are you really?
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    (Original post by The Mudman)
    You look to be quite a small person in those pics, Rosie. How tall are you really?
    It's true, i'm a little girl! I think i'm 5"1.
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    you look stunning
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    (Original post by devilbunny)
    you look stunning

    Are you 18, Rosie?
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    *smoof :cool:

    PS never ask a lady her age
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    Nah... If you say "smoof" the way you say "smooth..." it sounds like you're deflating :p:

    I don't waste time with manners :rolleyes: lol

    Kidding. I just doubt that Rosie's going to mind being asked, since bar staff probably ask her anyway.

    Btw, db. I'm doing Virology with Immunology (for the list on the first page). Just stick it under 'Test Tube Jockeys' :p:
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    (Original post by The Mudman)

    Are you 18, Rosie?
    Hehe, yes- though i turn 19 in a little over a month. That's another reason why i took a gap year, because i'm young for my year.

    Why do you ask?
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    omg you two are so offensive! i wudnt go about uni talking like that to people....you probebly get id'd how old r u bloody hell try and be a bit subtler why dont you!
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    I hope I'm not one of the offensive ones :eek:

    can I ask what you're studying Wednesbury? or is that too offensive :p:
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    Chill wenchie! Just having a joke...

    I just wondered. You were on a gap year, and I was trying to decide whether you were 18 (looking at the 87 in your name) or 19 (ignoring the 87)

    Thanks for sorting the categories out db
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    don't mention it
    seeing as this has been more successful that I thought, might see about trying to get it stickied :p:

    EDIT: it looks so professional now, I'm so proud *tear* :p:


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