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Edexcel Units 4+5: Last minute Revision/How did you find it Thread

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by blahblah08)
    i got 48 hahahah. Im not sure what the jeans question was i just remember there was a question on jeans which i didnt know so just gussed so was wondering what the question was.
    Also the PED one was abt the book shop yeh i got different PED cuz u need to have different PED to discriminate
    hahaha i got 48
    Is that 48 UMS?
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    Unit 4: Multiple choice questions were horrid. Would not be surprised if I got all of them wrong. I just had no idea. Data response on beer was decent. Could have done better, but better than multiple choice.

    Unit 5a: I did the ageing population question. Very good. Optimistic.
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    (Original post by Alex_18)
    was the one with the shift of AR and MR fall fall fall?? Anyone certain?
    I got output and profits fall and price rises. No idea if its right though.
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    yes 48 ums haha such a joke
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    How did you guys answer unit 5B question 2 (c) ??
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    I did 5B - Indonesia & FDI (question 1)
    and 4 - water companies regulation (question 1)

    How hard was multiple choice huh?? I was shocked to be honest, and ran out of time as well. I doubt I got anything right. For data response I did Water companies & regulators, I'm quite good at this, so I feel better about it.

    Unit 5 was lovely, question 1 was the one I know better (I loved two questions from question 2 as well, but I know just about nothing about Sub-Saharan Africa). I was quite pleased with it.

    Glad to know so many of you did well in unit 5!
    Unit 6 now, I'm quite confident. There's a bit of time to prepare as well...

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    i put economies of scale for the 1st question, there was the marginal revnue one i got £0.7mn, the diary one i put ped. monopoly put fall fall fall, indian resturant put different dishes. then did the beer question. exam went ok considering i spent all my time revising for unit 5. which i did the pensions one.
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    what abt the question about the company that produces glass firms? and also the question where they showed the TC and AC curve
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    I did 4 water and 5B 2.

    Really disappointed with paper 4, multiple choice was hard! usually you can breeze through it. Just tossed in definitions and a lot fo guesses and hoped for the best. The date response on Ofwat wasnt too bad but i just didnt have enough time. Its ridiculous the amount they give you for the whole paper, i only spent 35mins (as recommended) on the 1st bit too.

    Paper 5 I was really pleased with though, I loved both questions! Just about decided to do question 2 because I love the aid topic. I'm hoping i made up for paper 4 with it a bit but I need to get an A this year...not going to happen.
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    (Original post by boojacker)
    How did you guys answer unit 5B question 2 (c) ??
    Problem 1: That they would not be able to compete due to other (larger) economies having economies of scale and therefore lower costs/prices.

    Eval: But lower wages might compensate.

    Problem 2: In the event they were able to compete, it would damage the environment due to the large amount of factories and machinery needed to raise the export capacity of the economy.

    Eval: But richer countries can invest in environmentally cleaner methods of production, thus in the long run it would even out.
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    Are alot of people feeling that five was a very friendly exam and four sucked (for a four?)
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    (Original post by edwin8030)
    i put economies of scale for the 1st question, there was the marginal revnue one i got £0.7mn, the diary one i put ped. monopoly put fall fall fall, indian resturant put different dishes. then did the beer question. exam went ok considering i spent all my time revising for unit 5. which i did the pensions one.

    What was the dairy one? hope i didnt miss one out!

    EDIT: Sorry, the bridget jones diary one.....i read it as dairy like as in milk or sumthin. For the diary one im sure it was the price discrimination answer about different ped's
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    In monopoly question, I put output falls - price rises - revenue falls. I drew the standard diagram with shifts in both AR and MR, if output is still MR=MC (profit max) then this is what you get. How did you get fall-fall-fall, it's not an AD / AS diagram is it?

    1st - economies of scale
    revenue also 0.7
    indian rest. - dishes
    TC and TR cost curves - messed it up!!!!!! put the one about revenue max
    Tesco book (a.k.a Diary)- price discrim >> different elasticity of demand
    Window frames monopolist with options I put MR positive. Demand must be inelastic (one of the options), but MR positive and MR negative can't be both wrong, it's not 0 at Profit max is it? :confused:

    What other questions were there?
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    definitely fall fall rise in price.
    didnt have a clue for that window frames, but put MR positive as figured demand didnt have to be inelastic
    the one that really got me was the 10 - about merging...i ended up putting to prevent an increase in barriers to entry but now im pretty sure it was diseconomies of scale
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    oh and the one with the TC and TR curves was falling mr but still positive as TR was falling but mr still more than mc (as tr was more than tc)
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    Guys for ageing question in 5b what did u put for

    suggest reasons for poverty of 65 yr old?
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    (Original post by icyhuman)
    Guys for ageing question in 5b what did u put for

    suggest reasons for poverty of 65 yr old?
    oh i messed that up loads! i put something like discrimination & they can't be employed cos of ages and they lack skills cos of 'new' industries, which was all wrong cos of the retirement age anyway! then i said something about more focus being on higher education so its based on younger ppl rather than the old, and then something like inadequate health care etc. so i got that entire question wrong :rolleyes: oh well
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    the last one of the multiple choices for 4 was to prevent an increase in barriers to entry right?
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    i wrote the same thing as jen age discrimination for unit 5 a, i hope it is right
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    yeah the merger was decined due to barriers to entry increasing. All the others didnt seem relevant. larger firm means that they may be able to invest larger amounts in capital which to a potential firmt means higer sunk costs.

    also i mentioned they may hold a vertical constraint on potential firms because they may have to pay initial fees to use the same infrasructure.

    Also mentioned above was the question about profit, output and price. It is fall fall fall. This is because AR shifts left, which creates a new MR curve (hence the lower output). This means that new MC=MR is confined by the new AR curve which is below the original ARleading to lower price. the only way i can get to the answer of a price rise is by drawing in a steeply downward sloping mc curve, which by the theory is incorrect


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