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Oil Painting - Brushes

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    okhay so now i want to start oil painting seriously..
    i need help in knowing the different types of brushes required..offcourse i can start of with the brush commonly used to paint...but i was interested in knowing the special the blending brush..or fan shaped..???
    thank you
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    I don't know a lot about the different types of brushes, but in shops I've found fan brushes like you said, which are good for added texture e.g. when painting foliage. Round brushes have round tips and shaders can be used to cover larger areas. There's also brushes with thin tips which can be used for more detailed linework. If you look in an art shop you'll find a huge range of brushes made of different material such as white/gold nylon, ox hair or even camel hair! The ones made from animal hair tend to be more expensive and I've seen brushes costing over £30 each because of what they're made of! Personally, I always go for white nylon because they're soft and relatively cheap. Don't be tempted to buy brushes really cheaply though, because the hairs often come off and can ruin a perfectly good painting. Good makes to look out for are Winsor and Newton and Reeves. Have you got a shop called The Range near you? They sell lots of art supplies very cheaply, so they're a good place to go to! Also try the tutorial here:

    Hope that helped (sorry for rambling slightly!)
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    yup that was help
    Thank You!


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