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    I'm going to Majorca on July 1st, but I want a swimsuit/bikini that's got some decent support. I'm a 32E and a size 12 and finding it very difficult to find swimwear that can support my chest but doesn't cost the earth! Any ideas?
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    I don't know myself but I've heard bravissimo is very good
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    Try these ones... I know they say "shape enhancing", but they're actually designed to provide support too. They're a good price aswell.

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    Yay! Someone with the same problem as me! I have spent absolutely ages to find one to fit me and finally got something at the weekend. I was not going to pay £50 for a bikini at bravissimo!
    Im same as you but a 32ff and i foind that a size 22 (i know, sounds huge!) halterneck bikini would fit me, managed to get one in bhs. Evans do 22 tops too but then the bottoms dont fit me cos im a 12. Bhs have some good ones, i got a chocolate brown halterneck one. Hope you find something!

    (M+S might do some in their dd-g range soon, havent got them out at the mo though)
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    im having this problem to - need a 28G bikini top and size 8 bottoms
    anyone know of any shops dont fancy buying online
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    there are a few shops in major citys can't remember which ones though, bravissimo shops.. http://www.bravissimo.com/bravissimo...language=en-GB that link has all the locations on.
    figleaves is a good website as well.
    I find it hard to find a cheap one though
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    I'm a 34D and I found figleaves.com was the best bet in terms of comfort and style

    EDIT: You'll defo turn heads on the beach with these styles lol
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    Next is pretty good though!

    Its annoying trying to find bikinis, they always have small tops and big bottoms left!
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    (Original post by goody2shoes88)
    Next is pretty good though!

    Its annoying trying to find bikinis, they always have small tops and big bottoms left!
    Whenever I've gone to Next you couldn't mix and match the tops and bottoms. I always had to buy two sets which was annoying.


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