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How often do you eat junk food?

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    I'm trying to get more active again (I'm heading back down cheesy chips lane :P) in balance

    I'm wondering how often I can have snacks to do this? (Or even, if I have to have snacks?)

    And does what you eat affect fitness in any way? Or isit just that you feel tired after having a massive pizza and are unlikely to want to exercise?
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    Haven't had junk food for 2 weeks now (since starting uni I have had a ridiculously healthy diet). I use to eat it couple of days .
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    I am a massive McDonald's junkie, I've actually had it every day for the past three days now. Nothing compared to some people I know, but it is still such bad nutrition! I need to get back into the habit of salads, those green balls of delight.
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    I tend stay away from junk food as often as possible as I am trying to remain lean & muscular. I should also add that if you can fit crap into your macros you aren't doing yourself a great deal of harm - I've seen fit, lean and muscular guys eat pizzas and chips, etc. I personally try to have cheat meals only once or twice per week or in instances which I am unable to prepare anything healthier.
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    If you mean fast food; it's next to never. Sweets/chocolates probably very often because I have a sweet tooth. I go the gym basically everyday and my metabolism has spiked so it's all good,
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    I don't eat junk food often at all. By like the previous poster said, I eat sweets (probably a couple of times a week)
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    Few times a week but cutting it down to 1
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    Hardly ever, although I do have a square of dark chocolate everyday.
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    Probably about twice a week. Although, to be honest, I never can eat it all. I always end up sharing it with someone else. Tastes much better that way I think.
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    I probably have a takeaway every two or three weeks. Never go to maccy d's/burger king etc.
    But I do drink far too many sugary drinks, and probably too many sweets.
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    hanks for the responses I now eat some form of junk food every day but am trying to cut down. It seems to affect my motivation and concentration levels, makes my mind fuzzy and a bit anxious.

    Do you regard whether you eat junk food/chocolate/cakes and sweets as a personal preference or do you feel alienated by society/family/friends and peer when you choose not to have it?

    I feel that as much as I enjoy it, I feel obliged to have it too to conform to social norms. How do you all feel?
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    I eat junk food a fair bit, only becuase I hardly gain fat from eating food and I've gotta keep up the calories for dem gainz. By junk food I mean takeaways, pasties and stuff; I try to avoid snacking and rather get as many solid meals in as I can, which is where stuff like Chinese takeaway comes in handy because you're always hungry again an hour later
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    Junk food to me is eating anything that is not junk food to a normal person
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    Not that often.
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    (Original post by Maid Marian)
    Hardly ever, although I do have a square of dark chocolate everyday.
    Does that keep the cravings away?

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    (Original post by Secretnerd123)
    Does that keep the cravings away?

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    A little! :dontknow: Plus apparently it's good for me, so
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    i heard dark chocolate is used as a subsitute for an espresso cuz of its high caffiene content. That any true?
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    I probably eat junk every day recently, which is not cool. I have just finished my healthy eating plan, so as of Monday I'm back to my healthy eating.
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    I like sweets and that's not good for me as well as junk food.


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