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My girlfriend laughed at the size of my penis

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    (Original post by horrorboy)
    Use your finger.
    ha good one
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    "It's not how big it is, it's how you use it."

    This is really true mate, don't worry what she thinks, just show her a good time in the sack, and she will never say anything then.

    unless you're very young and have a few years of puberty left.
    ???????????????? how young!?

    and what would that mean???

    lol...... i wish i knew about this sooner!?!?!?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    ???????????????? how young!?

    and what would that mean???

    lol...... i wish i knew about this sooner!?!?!?

    Well if you're a young teenager you might have a few years of growing left; if you're towards eighteen or your twenties then you probably won't grow much.
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    theres a case in my country of a 17 yr old killing himself over this matter...

    and the doctor said he was of an ok size -.-
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    If you killed yourself you wouldnt get any sex then! duh
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    Be glad to have one at all.

    And besides, that's only a tiny bit smaller than the average. As everyone else says, learn how to use it more effectively or find other ways to satisfy your girlfriend.
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    I doubt that his fingers are over 4 inches.
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    do you have small feet too?
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    Guys with smaller packages have less egos and attitude. Makes them better lovers, because they have to use qualitys other than their package to satisfy and please their girlfriends.

    Its all good if you ask me.
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    She was totally insensitive and shallow. You don't need that from somebody. How would she have felt if you laughed at a part of her body? There's no need to get all depressed about it though! You're fine, seriously. Your girlfriend should make you happy, not suicidal. And, as if anybody is going to notice your package - get real! Don't get all extreme - surgery? :rolleyes: No...you don't need that, it's what you do that counts!

    There's more problems in the world than the size of your tackle, deal with it and get rid if she has made you like this. Or, just discuss it with her, say you really hurt me when you laughed about it and see what she says. Gosh, no pleasing some people is there!
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    I hate the whole size-ist attitude that today's society has. Your girlfriend was really horrible to laugh. Is she perfect? I doubt it.

    How does having a smaller penis make anyone less of a man exactly? To be fair, men who are well-endowed tend to be arrogant and boisterous, to me that is not the behaviour of a real 'man'. So yeah, reading back I agree with the last 2 posts. Don't let anyone make you feel depressed about your body, they have no right to whatsoever. Especially some of the idiots who have made jokes about it on this thread. Seems like some people have an unhealthy habit of knocking someone when they're already down, which makes them sooo big and clever, don't you think? :rolleyes:
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    3 - 4 inches isn't that small. Some guys are like 1 inch, so don't worry.

    at least you are geting laid with your 2-3 inch dick, some peopel arnt geting laid with 10 inch dick. :mad:
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    some peopel arnt geting laid with 10 inch dick. :mad:
    I think you missed out a decimal point there.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    The other day my gf of 3 months and I were fooling around and for the first time she started to venture downstairs. On seeing my dinkle, I heard her actually giggle. Once I probed her as to why this was as I was feeling utterly dejected she informed me that I was a little smaller than what she was used to....
    That's all very interesting, but you've put that you're a girl in your profile, so I'm going to give you 10 warning points for either being a random bloke on the internet pretending to be a girl or some 'lady' who likes to pretend they have a penis. You choose.
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