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English Language coursework, help!?

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    For English Language (AQA Specification B) we have to find a style model and imitate it. I found one and imitated it and handed it in today and my teacher said that it was too short, despite the style model being 590 words and my version being just over 2 pages. So I need to find a new one and redo it ASAP, so now I'm really stressed and want to drop it (but I can't because I won't get enough UCAS points and its probably too late to change it), so do you guys have any suggestions for style models (or keeping my calm!) I was originally doing a Daily Mail article that was to inform and was basically about someone who couldn't do their job and needed surgery, so If you could find anything similar to that which is over 700 words I would be very grateful!! I am getting stressed over this and have tried contacting the writer to ask if they could edit the version to make it a bit longer (by 100+ words) but that is a big ask. And to make it worse I have to hand the finished version in next Thursday Please help
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    First of all, take a real deep breath. Your teacher wants the very best, and he/she knows you can achieve it. Think about what interests you in that field. Last year, I took on an Epic Poem, and my teacher said that the Style Model I chose was too small as well. I looked into other poets that I liked and eventually selected Poe's The Raven. Look into things that you like, but if I may make a suggestion, try the Daily Mail online or BBC Magazine, as you can nick their banner and search bar idea as well to make it seem more realistic. Also have a look in places like TIME or Readers Digest if you're really struggling, all you need is a language style.

    Just don't panic. Choosing another style model will help you really be specific into what you want to create and also give you a better idea of how to go about doing it.

    Hope for the very best.

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    How about you use Charlie Brooker as a style model? He's a writer for The Guardian and I used his as a style model for my coursework both at AS and I am currently now at A2!

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