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Hourly rate for Debenhams

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    Hi guys! Just wondering if anybody knows the hourly rate for Debenhams for an 18 year old?
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    it seems to vary between my store...I started on £5.11 at xmas...yet my friend is on £4.80 or something like that
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    Ohh ok! I worked for a temporary period last year and got £5 an hour and i was only 17:confused:
    It obviously varies big time depending on the store.
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    It tells you on the debenhamsvacancies website does it not?
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    (Original post by xUniquex)
    Ohh ok! I worked for a temporary period last year and got £5 an hour and i was only 17:confused:
    It obviously varies big time depending on the store.

    i was only 17 too...
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    I work for a large company, and starting rates vary around the country. Im sure its the same for Debenhams
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    Friend gets £5.05. I think it just depends on your area or/and experience.
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    I've worked for Debenhams for 2 years.

    Christmas Temporary staff get paid a higher rate (incentive for working there for over the xmas period of time) I started off as one of these and got paid £5.04 despite only being 16

    Then, they kept me on as a permanent member of staff, from January onwards and put my wage down to £3.89 (booo!)

    When i turned 17 and had worked there a year i was training new members of staff and i got a payrise to £5.05 (normal rate for 18 year olds).

    So yeah....that's kind of a bit confusing, but hope it helps. Quite a lot of under 18s are paid about the £3.89- £4.20 mark but it does go up to £5.05 when hitting 18.

    Other things that influence pay are the store that you work in (City/Out of town stores get paid better wages)

    Haha...v long post; i promise that i've got a life outside of Debenhams :rolleyes:
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    Thanks everyone ! Ive been told i will be on minimum wage because im only going to be working in the busy periods such as sales times and holiday periods. Im taking its 5.05,which isnt bad i guess
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    I am starting there next week as a Sales Assistant, £5.50. However, I think I may be getting a little more because of my experience.


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