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Having people staying over in Manc accommodation?

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    I'll be in uni accommodation in Manc next year (pending grades!!) and it'd be cool to have friends / gf up to stay for a couple of days.
    Basically, does the Uni frown upon this or is it a fairly common thing? What about wardens in the halls?
    Is it easier to have people stay in halls or flats?
    thanks in advance! x
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    Probably the best, most worthwhile question ever asked in this forum
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    and does anyone know the answers? from my experience iv stayed with people in owens park and it seemed may vary depending on wat halls u stay in, but im no expert! lol
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    It normally says in the handbooks you get when you get your accomodation offer. But, uh, for most halls, it doesn't seem to matter.
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    Anyone stoped anywhere when i was in whitworth park. andbook regs stated that you had to inform the warden or whoever, but NOBODY ever did this, and they knew that people came and stopped over. Don't worry, it'll be fine.
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    I think most Unis allow it, and lts let you rent out rooms in certain accom blocks if like the family come to stay or something. I'm assuming we get all the info when we get placed.
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    On the Manc accommodation website you can download a PDF version of the Fallowfield, Victoria and City Centre campus handbooks and all of the halls are in there with pretty detailed info regarding overnight guests etc.
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    ignore the handbooks as they probably say you're not allowed to do it but no one really cares and theres no way that the wardens would ever know any way....
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    (Original post by Samoan)
    ignore the handbooks as they probably say you're not allowed to do it but no one really cares and theres no way that the wardens would ever know any way....
    Actually, you are. You're not allowed to have them over so often that they become an unoffical resident, but within reasons it's fine. I've even seen post arriving for a couple of blokes :rolleyes:

    And they would certainly notice at my hall, the only way into the building is past reception, and the receptionists tend to make it their business to know the hall residents.
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    thanks for the replies people, sounds fairly relaxed as long as you're sensible about it.
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    My hall'll let you rent a camp bed for your visitors, but I don't know how much it costs, or if others do the same. The campus handbooks are all up on the web though, you can check that sort of stuff there as well
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    (Original post by Samoan)
    ignore the handbooks as they probably say you're not allowed to do it but no one really cares and theres no way that the wardens would ever know any way....
    The handbooks actually give the impression that many of the halls are pretty lenient regarding visitors. Especially compared to some of the halls at the University of Nottingham I've visited.
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    at grosvenor i was completely fine having friends over. at one stage i had 3 other people staying in the room pretty much maxed out the floor space, and then different person next day.
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    At Weston they probably wouldn't notice if you had someone living in your room all year.
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    Officialy you are not allowed nut none realy cares or checks (I have seen my worde twice over my whole stay at halls). In our flat we had 2 boyfriends residing pretty much every weekend and huge groups of one of my flatmate's friens coming over for gigs and sleeping on the kitchen floor (I work nights so it was always a surprise to walk into the kitchen in the early morning just to find it full of sleeping strangers lol). None ever complained.


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Updated: July 12, 2006
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