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Broadgate Park-ers!

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    Hey people. I finally got a letter through the post which says I'm in Flat 5, Room 14 in Redwood.

    I'm just worried about making my room smell with the cooking! When I visited, the guide there said they have "extra powerful" extractor fans to prevent this. :rolleyes:
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    I'm in to Broadgate this September - somewhere in the 'Laurels' block which looked pretty swish (from the outside) when I went to visit.

    Shamrock - surely the solution is just to shut your room door whenever people are cooking, and maybe open the kitchen window?
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    I suppose, but I kind of meant when I'm cooking in my room. Stuff like fish leaves a smell even if you ventilate the room well.
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    Ah, right... well, just be careful not to drop your sardines on toast
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    I'm in an ensuite room in mulberries. I'm doing medicine. hope theres another medic around broadgate lol otherwise im walking on my own lolol.
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    Another one in the best block! Yeah no doubt there's bound to be another medic in the block! There's 120 people living in Mulberries, remember!
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    I'm another Broadgate park undergraduate 1st year. Just looked at, now I'm really excited! Looking forward to chillin with everyone. :cool:

    Seeyou on 23rd!
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    is coppers any good? thats where i am, i'm doin law. *LOU*
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    It's actually a pretty nice block! About a minute's walk from the bar and close to Broadgate's exit to get to the uni
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    a minutes walk from the bar!! how convenient.
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    how many ppl in laurels, similar number to Mulberries?
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    Noo! Mulberries is about twice the size of laurels! I'd say around 60..ish
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    im in magnolia? hows that?


    ps it says 185/6 wth is does that mean?
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    Flat 185 Room 6
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    (Original post by simeon)
    Flat 185 Room 6
    you know wht the large standard room is like? and the block?
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    No idea to be honest. I never lived on BGP.

    I just own the Bar and Shop.
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    Basically, Sim's the one that drains you of all your money on BGP!
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    [User No Longer Exists]
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    I like to see it as a fair exchange, yes.
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    At Spar prices, Sim? Pah! Although it is excellent for when one runs out of cigarettes at 9:45 in the evening :P


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