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Argos interview friday 2oth

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    Hello every one im in a bit of a predicament, I applied for a job in Argos but the person who I handed my c.v to I got really friendly to, and it was obvious they took to me two hours later once I got home I got a phone call asking if I could please come in the store on Friday for an interview.

    Problem is I have never had a real interview for a job, last interview I had was a group one for Ikea, where like 30 people where all in a room at once doing tasks and being watched this was over a year ago, and I didn’t get the job.

    So please help me on telling me what I should I expect, how I should dress, and any over additional things I should go in the interview with.

    All feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    I used to work at Argos. The interview I had was around Christmas time so they were recruiting a lot of people around that time, so I don't know if my experiences will be different to yours, but I'll tell you what it involved anyway.

    It was a group interview, with about 15 of us in there. First we had to do introductions, by talking to the person next to us, then introducing them to the whole group afterwards. Then there were a series of games/tests we had to do, like put a bunch of Argos items in numerical (catalogue number) order. Then finally we had to come up with a Christmas advert for Argos and act it out in front of the others.

    After that, we went into a room one on one with a manager, and they talked through our application forms and CVs with us, just asking bits and pieces about what was on it. That bit sounds quite scary, but it was quite laid back and informal.

    I'm not sure they'll be recruiting enough to do the first bit, but the second bit is probably quite standard, so be ready for that; if you were a bit generous in your CV, be ready to discuss the things you wrote, although they won't grill you.

    As for dress and things, I'd say you can never be too smart for an interview. If everyone came in jeans and a t-shirt, it'd look normal, but if a handful of people wear suits, they'll stand out a lot. Wear a suit if you can, and even if you're the only one there who does, you can always just say you can straight from school or another interview or something. It's easier to talk down over dressing than talk up under dressing; there's nothing wrong with making an effort.
    Things to take, nothing really, although maybe having a pen at hand would be useful. If it's a group thing, you'll look organised if you need one, and if it isn't, if it's one on one, a gift would be for your interviewer to not have a pen when they need one, so you can hand them yours; that'll get you remembered.

    I've jabbered long enough, PM me if you have any other specific questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

    Good Luck.
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    As for clothes: for that sort of thing I imagine a smart pair of trousers would be enough with a smartish shirt. Wear a tie if it makes you feel better, but definitely no need for a jacket.
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    u mean friday 21'st

    u almost scared me big time:eek: as i thought friday 20, and today is 20, and i thought oh sh*t! i got an interview lolz....:p:
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    thanks for the pointer defo gonna gonna wear a shirt smart shoes and trousers it may jus be a bit to hot for a ite,

    has anybody got any views on how i should approach this interview, like what are argos looking for in the people they employ, i.e good communication skills, funny, hardowrking, good presentation and what short of things shoulld i say and do they would work in my favour.
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    Good communication skills, teamwork, enthusiasm and someone who just generally seems like a nice person.
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    thank god i have all of those, im such a sociable person. this is the funny bit, i handed in my c.v yesterday but i was being really friendly to the guy who i handed it into, and told him a joke or two, then left thinking nothing of it, two hours later im at home, and i got the phone call for a interview on friday, that was a good start i hope that counts for something
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    I GOT THE JOB!!!! had my induction yes2day 10-6:40:rolleyes: :rolleyes: But i got paid for doing it so thats fine. start work on monday. thanks to all those that helped me!
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    Well done.
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    Hi i dont know about your specific branch of argos but i work at argos and i work with the best bunch of people every! the managers included! everyones so friendly. I have been there since last october and i have been selected to go into the cash office which is a really good oppurtunity so i am pleased about that! if u need to know anything about argos just answer in this thread
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    I have a interview tommorow at Argos in lancaster eventhough this is a bit short in time for a response from anyone but I wanted to know if anyone has any advice, I mean at the interview do they expect you to know all the product types in the sub catergories from memory and then be able to say it right ,to narrow you down to the candidate they want or do they just look for the person who seems the most friendly ?
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    I would doubt it Joe - that's what induction and training is for! They'll just want to see if you have common sense, enthusiasm and are a nice person.
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    Well I know this is dragging up a really old topic, but there's some good stuff in it! Thanks for the advice so far.

    The whole idea of a group interview scares the crap outa me, but i've applied for a part time xmas job at Argos and have an interview in store at 5pm next Thursday... It's probably nearly impossible to tell, but is this likely to be one-on-one with the manager or something or a big group thing?

    Hope that made sense, thanks again!
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    i handed a form infor an xmas job and got phoned up about 1-2 hours later as well, i didnt even speak to the women i handed it in to really though just lucky i guess, was really shocked when they phoned, they must of either been really bored or loved my form filling out technique :P i prefer the latter.

    Will be funny if its a group interview thing making up an advert and acting it sounds really weird :P
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    Sorry, super old thrad, but wondering how the interview was.......

    Was it group or singular, if you can remember..... .or anyone else.....

    The christmas advert and acting just scares the hell outa me lol! Gonna apply and hopefully its changed a bit from the acting now and hopefully I'll get a interview!
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    i have an interview at argos on monday ... its at half 5 and they said can last till 8 ... i guess this would be in the evening ... hope so or i will be very very late lol ... i hope that it is a group interview because that sounds so much more fun ... im actually excited ... really weird as i normally dread interviews. I was going to wear trousersand a shirt but have since changed my mind to wear leggings or tights with a long jumper/shirt thing .. it is still smart but i dont want to end up the only person in trousers. Really hope i get the job as my place of work closes for the winter season so this would be perfect to just fill in while i have no money.... but also means i will want to start in november .... is this too late??? ....im goin to be gutted oif its not group now lol ..


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