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Driving Bare Foot

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    Is it legal to drive bare foot ? I know in most of America is isnt but was wondering about the UK ?
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    Not sure actually. I know it's uncomfortable though :p:.
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    Firstly, I learnt to drive off road to start off with using bare feet - enables better feeling of what's going on IMO.

    Secondly, whether or not it is illegal is not really important since it is quite dangerous from my experience, you simply can't exert the required force at some points and can damage your feet.

    This might help:

    I am not sure there is a law against it but you may get done for driving without due care and attention.


    Found a forum saying somebody was told it is illegal - hardly evidence though

    DSA says:

    Wearing shoes suitable for driving is an important part of the safety equation. The Driving Standards Agency offers the following advice: "Wear sensible clothing for driving, especially on a long journey. Suitable shoes are particularly important. We also would not recommend driving bare foot because you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do wearing shoes."
    So implying it might not be illegal.

    This gives the "it's legal in US" view:


    Not found a definitive answer which suggests to be that it is not illegal in itself but like a lot of things will probably come down as driving without due care as I said above.
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    Its legal - just not approved of.

    Mind you, your soles on your shoes can become very slippery as well. Agree about the braking pressure though - shoes would be better.
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    Ofcourse it is legal...
    I find that it is more convenient than wearing shoes - especially sandals-. You have all the steering that you need driving bare foot
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    (Original post by giwtis10)
    You have all the steering that you need driving bare foot
    am i missing something.....what's steering got to do with driving barefoot?!
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    Its legal in the uk, i seem to remember its illegal in some US states though.

    I wouldn't do it because i would find it uncomfortable. And i agree that your breaking force just isn't the same with bare feet.
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    I drive barefoot if ive got clumpy shoes on, which is probably the safer option becuase I can feel what I'm doing. Thing is though, even if it is illegal, how are you gonna get found out?? I always carry shoes around with me, and if a police officer were to stop you he's hardly likely tobe asking what footwear you've got on, is he?!
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    y the hell would u wanna be driving around barefoot for anyway?
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    Until he makes you get out of the car...
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    This reminds me of my mate's Mum. She used to take us to school and drove bare footed (sometimes) and in a dressing gown!
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    I always drive barefooted when I'm going out in flipflops/heels. How is it dangerous? Feels much better to me than wearing heels etc!
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    I dunno, whenever i've used the pedals without shoes i've found them harder to press and the spikier bits kinda dig into to the soul of your foot.If i broke hard my foot may slip off aswell.
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    Ive never got the grip trying to park the car with no shoes on. I also couldn't do it with between the toe flipflops either. I love driving in sandels and heels though, it just requires some practice.
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    Its just that in this hot weather its a pain to have to take driving shoes when your wearing flip flops ! And im afraid the flip flops will catch on the accelerator pedal or brake so bare foot seems appealing
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    Barefoot is legal, but from having done it at home (e.g. getting the car out the garage) i'd never want to do it on the road. Probably depends how hard your pedals are though!

    its probably safer than driving in walking boots (which i've done on a number of occaisions) as you really cant feel the pedals!!
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    Actually im surprised so many of you ppl think driving with barefoot isnt comfortable. I do that most of the time when i am not wearing shoes. The slip-on slipping off your leg while driving gets very annoying and obviously dangerous too at times.
    But then again i have aluminium race pedals with a rubber grip
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    Yea i drive bare foot as well. i cant control the pedals as well as when im in heels or flip flops.

    karen x
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    Just make sure when you're driving barefoot you don't keep your shoes under your seat =)
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    i keep my shoes to the side of me on the floor.
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