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oxford court....

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    i just recieved a letter saying that i got into oxford court.....

    is it any good?

    who else has got a place at oxford court????
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    I'm in Oxford Court too- never been inside, but I've walked around the outside and it looks nice, hehe. I haven't got my letter yet but if you've got yours I should get it next week then, yay
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    My friend used to stay there. She said it is very nice. Too bad that they just change to be MMU hall of residence, so UOM can't stay there anymore T_T
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    wo! i just got the letter sayin for the passport photo for the id card......
    100£ deposit is paid....

    havent even been there.......
    ive seen the pictures.....looks nice....

    who else is going?
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    I stayed in Oxford Court last year.. It's nice, but slightly overpriced for what you get if you ask me..! Rooms are a good size and ensuit is handy althought the showers are very temperamental - i.e don't shower when someone else in your flat is in their shower or using the kitchen sink!!

    Other then that, It did what it said on the tin! Enjoy your first year!!
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    Oh and don't worry about the £100, they give it you back by deducting it off your final installment, but do be warned that they take approx £1700 off you the first day you are there for the first installment, and considering my loan payment was £1800 for the first term it didn't leave a lot to play with!!! (sorry thats all very negative, but don't want you to be shocked like I was when I turned up on the first day!)


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