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South Florida

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    Which universities are considered to be good in South Florida? There is a good chance of me moving back to Delray Beach/West Palm Beach this year and I have no clue about the university system. I have already studied at university and would probably be a transfer student.
    Looking into Psychology as a major, but still undecided as it just came up.

    Which unis are good there?
    I only know FAU, University of Miami, University of South Florida.....
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    University of Miami is a really good one. The campus is great and the city (Coral Gables) is good too. I can't really tell you if it's teaching is good, because I only went there on a Fieldtrip for sports. But out of the three I'd say UM is the best. Florida's university fees are very cheap compared to other states.
    Ever heard of Devry University? My Aunt takes an online course there. Also the University of Florida is another good option. It's not in South Florida (Gainesville) but I do know the teaching is good there. It's ranked on the Top 50.
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    UM is good.
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    UM is basically the only good school in South Florida. USF(University of South Florida) is good, but only for specialised programs.
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    (Original post by ryan2288)
    UM is basically the only good school in South Florida. USF(University of South Florida) is good, but only for specialised programs.
    Specialized programs such as?

    I will investigate UM further.

    Does anyone here know what the residency requirements for Florida schools are? I know some States don't have a time requirement (such as you have to live there over 3 years or something) but consider the reason WHY you are in the state as far more important. Well, my only reason would be my husband, who is a US citizen and wants to take on a job, which he has been offered.

    Don't know if that would count. As far as financial aid goes.... nothing really. So at least in-state fees would be good.
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    I know USF is really a great school for ecology programs and environmental engineering. UM is also top notch for Marine Biology and environmental engineering(my cousin is studying there right now). My uncle got his graduate degree in geology from USF and he has a pretty good job.

    South Florida is not a very "intellectual" area so the schools are not the best. Most of the kids that do really well in high school in Florida go out of state.
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    you may want to look at this link:


    UF is #50 and UM is #55 for the Top US Colleges.
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    I wouldn't rely on US News, it can be very misleading. You want to focus on the best schools for your area of study rather than the generic US news rankings. UF is in Gainesville, which is not even close to South Florida. If you have any specific questions I would advise you look here and ask questions on the "college search and selection" forum as well as the forums for the specific schools. Good luck!


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Updated: August 8, 2006
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