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    were there 4 series? The 4th series comes out on dvd end of this month...
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    yeah i preferred the chosen as well, its all coming back to me now!

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    The chosen was the best
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    check this out for recap! http://www.tv.com/tribe/show/4588/summary.html
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    Didn't Ebony go with just about every male character at some point?!

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    i think so! lol!
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    god i hated this show! i felt sorry for the dog with paint on its face! it never asked for it!
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    I'm sure the dog loved it really! Wonder why they didn't put facepaint on the random cow they had...

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    ^^^ they had a cow!?
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    i didn't know about the cow...i really need to rewatch the tribe!
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    Yeah, in the first series.. Chloe found a cow and called it Bluebell .. lol!

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    lol, the Tribe was genius...can't remember any of the details but I just remember loving it.
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    *has a fit*

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    ^That made me giggle! lol

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    I used to watch that too. It use to come on every Saturday on CH5 it was sort of a bizarre programme. The only thing that use to shock me was their hair and makeup I thought it was really hideous and absolutely dreadful. I never use to let anyone know that I used to watch it.
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    oh my god i felt like i was the only one in the world watching that lol!! i miss the tribe...ahhhh braaay he was fit
    (but i think he was gay in real life )
    is it coming back on does anyone know?! lol
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    Jack was the one for me!... and then along came Ved...:love: ...lol! There aren't any more new series, they changed it to another 'tribe' of little kids and called it something else - bah!!!

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    OMG! I loved the Tribe!!! It was so ace!!!
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    omg the tribe was so good! Gah I really hated Trudy though


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Updated: December 22, 2013
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