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    (Original post by Nutter)
    That sounds vaguely familiar...but thanks.
    say that if u wanna get tw*tted by some indian.
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    ive seen mohabbatein. very looong film, but its kinda like the other film where amitabh is a stubborn beeeeeeep. id like to c it again tho
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    ive seen mohabbatein. very looong film, but its kinda like the other film where amitabh is a stubborn beeeeeeep. id like to c it again tho
    Mohabhattein is pretty average... dont likethe film that much.

    will see it in old trafford hopefully nxt week.

    Rani Mukherjee is so so so gorgeous! in fact ppl if u think BLACK or Veer Zaara was rani's best ever performance, watch KANK. it will blow you more than her previous films- from indiafm.com
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    Ooooh, I'm looking forward to it
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    ive seen it. brilliant movie
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    Hi, anyone know where else they might be playing Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna apart from the trafford centre??

    I desperatley want to watch it, looks too good.

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    sorry i'm not apart of this society, but i thought it would be the appropriate place to ask my above question. I only really watch Shahrukh films, so i think my contribution would be very little.
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    Thsi website gives you a detailed listimgs of every cinema in the UK playing Kabhie Alvida na kehna

    am v desperate to see the film too.

    does anyone one whether kabhie alvida na kehna has english subtitles at old trafford? my first time seeing a bollywood film at the cinema.
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    Its going to be my first time tooo. Although i did see that lucky film, but that was S**T, so it doesnt count.

    Thanx chubby!

    Cant wait to watch it now.

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    yeah lucky was s**t!!! but the locales in russia compromised for that...

    do u know whether all bollywood films playing in the UK have eng subs or not? i know that there are some people who loathe subtitles as it spoils the beauty of the hindi language dialogues.

    oh and it is not my first bollywood film ever. its my first time i am seeing a bollywood film in a cinema. usually its my mates DVDS.
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    you could ring up the cinema that you want to see the film at and ask if the film has subtittles?

    I like having subtittles there because sometimes i dont know what they're saying, lol.
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    i kno Krrish was realesed ages ago but do you know if its still on at the cinema, thankz.
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    (Original post by g_sachs)

    say that if u wanna get tw*tted by some indian.
    Say what? I'm one myself, so I'd love to, if that's what you mean.
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    Argh nooooo, I was supposed to be going to see Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna on sunday at trafford, and apparantly they don't have subtitles on sundays!!! :confused:
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    thats not fair. then i will defo see the film today then.. cant wait till nxt weekend.
    lucky i mentioned about it before u went 2omz and be greatly disappointed
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    well i just been on the film line and itw as confirmed that all shows today have got subtitles, so no problem.
    i think i shuld be the same for 2omz.
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    How do i join this society? I cant seem to find it on the societies page.
    By the way is anyone here going to the London mela?
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    Omkara looks like a great film after watching the trailers, especially the Beedi song with Bipashu Basu who I never really liked before.
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    Dont worry i found the page to join now
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    hi, i decided i want to join. Can i join please?? xxxxx


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