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Why did YOU choose Oxford or Cambridge over the other?

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    I'm genuinely curious as to what reasons you give for why you applied to Oxford over Cambridge and vice versa. Name your course, college and why you chose your university etc. would be quite interesting to see.
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    Oxford, because it has an x in its name, and the x makes it sound cool.
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    Generally speaking...

    Oxfordonions smile with a warm heart
    Cambridge folk seem hollow, misty, unreachable even - and not in a good way. A humanity of sorts attracted me to Oxford.
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    I'm at Lincoln, Oxford, doing chemistry. I had 2 main reasons for choosing Oxford over Cambridge. Firstly, as I'm doing science, I would have to have taken natural sciences which I wasn't keen on, I didn't fancy doing all the other options, just wanted to get on with chemistry. As a result, even though Cambridge say their natural sciences course is just as much depth in a single discipline as other universities' single science courses, I know from comparing with friends that I've covered more stuff and done quite a lot of new, cutting edge chemistry that my friend doing chemistry at Cambridge hasn't covered. However, If I'd not been sure I wanted to do chemistry, NatSci would've been ideal, as you can 'try out' subjects befoe you commit yourself to them for your entire degree.
    Secondly, I liked the city of Oxford better than Cambridge. Its bigger, there are more pubs, clubs, cafes etc, and I just like the 'feel' of the place better. Its hard to explain, but I fell in love with Oxford when I visited, and even though I visited Cambridge first, I knew Oxford was where I wanted to be.
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    Very non-controversial - Oxford does my course, Cambridge doens't :P
    (Physics btw)
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    St John's College, Oxford, PPE

    Cambridge doesn't do PPE.
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    Teddy Hall, geology

    Prefer it to the Cambridge course, prefer Oxford as a city, really liked the college
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    offer for biochemistry at oxford, Jesus college...

    Cam don't do biochem...and at a higher education fair a Cam Tutor spilt coffee down me and didn't even say sorry! :rolleyes:
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    Offer from Sidney Sussex for MML. All Cambridge colleges offer ab initio Spanish whereas a lot of Oxford colleges require you to take a gap year and get to A-level standard. Also, I prefer Cambridge as a place because it's a bit smaller and closer to home.
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    King's, Cambridge.

    Oxford doesn't do Philosophy (single honours).
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    Cambridge, History, New Hall

    Here are my highly original reasons hehe:

    • Cambridge' s closer to Stansted airport from where there are cheap flights to my home airport in Germany

    • Friends at Cambridge who convinced me to apply :p:
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    Economics at Trinity, Cambridge; never really considered Oxford. no idea why.
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    ^^ Doesn't do straight economics? Or something more to do with your sig...
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    Oxford? A Beta Test for Cambridge.
    The sequel is never as good as the original...

    Offer for computer science, lincoln college, oxford. I prefered the oxford course- stresses the mathematical links more strongly, didn't like the idea of 50% natsci in the first year at the time i was applying. Looking back, i wouldn't mind continuing with chemistry for a while longer, but never mind. Also i've lived most of my life in and around cambridge, went to sixth form in the city centre etc. I can confirm that cambridge is very lacking in entertainment and nightlife. Not just that, i'd like to get away from home and out on my own a bit.
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    ^^ Doesn't do straight economics? Or something more to do with your sig...
    one'd have thought so, but I didn't even look at oxford courses or colleges before I submitted my application, and I knew next to nothing about E&M or PPE by the time I submitted my Ucas form - I knew that those courses were there and there was no straight economics, but I didn't know anything about their content.

    I guess I just knew that I wanted to apply for Economics at Cambridge, and given that one can only apply to one of them, I didn't look at oxford at all; looking back at it now, I'm thinking that things could have gone wrong and I might have been regretting it, but fortunately for me, it all worked out well and I definitely wouldn't change anything (university, course, college)

    probably not the most 'responsible' or 'mature' approach to making the choice though
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    I chose Cambridge because for maths it's generally considered better, plus I felt like I'd be more at home there than in Oxford. Plus the Oxford maths building was naff and overcrowded on the open day, and they served lousy sandwiches whereas at Cambridge I got a proper lunch in the hall (three times :P: - I'm such a scrounger).
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    Generally speaking...

    Oxfordonions smile with a warm heart
    Cambridge folk seem hollow, misty, unreachable even - and not in a good way. A humanity of sorts attracted me to Oxford.
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    Well, I haven't actually applied yet, but I've picked Oxford over Cambridge for modern languages because I like the fact that Oxford is quite literature based, and if I'm brutally honest Cambridge's course seems to be very popular, whereas Oxford's is nice and small. I had also wanted to do Philosophy and languages, and Cambridge have a weird way of doing that, so when I decided to do just languages I was already settled on Oxford. Plus I didn't like many of Cambridge's colleges.
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    (Original post by Postscript)
    Generally speaking...

    Oxfordonions smile with a warm heart
    Cambridge folk seem hollow, misty, unreachable even - and not in a good way. A humanity of sorts attracted me to Oxford.
    You've said that twice now. And you don't even know the proper name for your own scummy kind (Oxonians).

    My reason for applying to Cambridge was fairly shameful - all the Oxbridge people in my family had gone to Cambridge so if I was going for one of them, it would have to be Cam. Not that I regret it for a minute; I've been to Oxford and considered applying for clinicals but I still rate Cambridge over it for no logical reason.
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    Oxford one year becuase only they offered my course, same reason for cambridge the next year


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Updated: June 4, 2015
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