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My experience in Student Housing as a fresher

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    I dropped out of hull uni after my first year a few years ago because I disliked the course. I am applying again for a completely different course for 2017 entry.

    When I was deciding on accommodation I saw the vast majority recommend going into the halls of residence as a fresher but I'm glad I went with student housing. Firstly the size of the room was unbeatable at extra large, I had room to swing multiple cats. This was important to me because I needed my own place to breath and move about in and make my own.

    Secondly there was only 3 other people in my house and it was rarely ever loud or busy. As someone who doesn't party too much this was great as I always knew after a long day I could come back to a relaxed environment. As somebody who generally keeps to themselves and is introverted I couldn't really imagine living in the halls with a lot of other people in the same building as me, I require a lot of privacy and independence.

    There was still plenty of opportunities to make friends outside of the halls. There was plenty of people to meet on my course, in societies and generally about the uni.

    The journey to the university was non-existent being a 2 minute walk away meaning I was never late and the local corner shop was only a 30 second walk away which was ultra convenient (although I did end up spending more money on food due to laziness as it's cheaper in lidl's). The bus stop was also only 30 seconds away.

    So for anybody looking at accommodation at Hull give student houses some thought! Obviously it comes down to what type of person you are and your situation so I am biased but this is just my personal experience

    I'll be returning as a mature student and I am looking forward to living in the student houses once again!
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    what are your opinions on the lawns?
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. As someone who'll be starting at Hull in September and also likes their own privacy, I am considering the student houses but just have a few questions about them;

    1) I have read some complaints of the noise levels on the streets where the uni-owned houses are because of traffic and people returning from nights out, was this an issue for you at all?

    2) Do you feel like you were in any way isolated or missed out on part of the uni experience by not staying in halls?

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    Do not choose private halls if you miss out on uni halls! Especially pacific court


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Updated: February 8, 2016
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