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    We had a thread like this last year which helped us find people we would be living with. You can get to know the people before you move in. I know a couple of us found our flatmates on here last year, and people are beginning to this year.
    (Also I'm bored, as you can probably tell)

    Exchange Works
    lucyking Flat 3
    aimesie Flat 4 Room 2
    *clarey* Flat 7 Room 1
    K1mmy Flat 9 Room 5
    Chazking Flat 19 Room 2
    Abz Flat 19 Room 5
    hev* Flat 20 Room 4
    Tractor-girlie Flat 22 Room 1
    DJShabba Flat 22 Room 5
    angel2703 Flat 25
    pinkfairy_sal Flat 26 Room 4
    Luke_M Flat 31 Room 1
    Daveee flat 31 Room 3
    Globular Flat 50
    urbanhoney Flat 51 Room 4
    haids Flat 55
    Tori_1105 Flat 61 Room 1
    Calodux1 Flat 61 Room 3
    1uceh Flat 70 Room 2
    anneliese01 Flat 78
    littlenat01 Flat 79 Room 1

    Leadmill Point
    Jenx Flat 18 Room 3
    peety Flat 23 Room 3
    shaunmills87 Flat 26
    foxy_fran Flat 31 Room 3
    _jo_ Flat 37 Room 2
    lovleylass2001 Flat 38 Room 6
    kirstydallison Flat 40 Room 2
    hols18 Flat 40 Room 5
    Sakko Flat 44
    boing_boing_Sheffield_HAL Flat 46
    sarahshu Flat 51 Room 4
    pepsi_aka_nicola Flat 52 Room 4
    emmabray88 Flat 53 Room 4
    KellsEnder Flat 53 Room 6
    Alistair_blake Flat 54 Room 5
    supremogophero Flat 54 Room 6
    kat_1869 Flat 56
    ShaunM Flat 57 Room 1
    Nabqueen Flat 67 Room 2
    Gaz1 Flat 71 Room 6
    JoanneC Flat 78 Room 5

    Charlotte Court
    -shambles- Flat 5 Room 4
    kam Flat 5 Room 5
    M_j_R Flat 5 Room 6
    kerrywatson1981 Flat 10 Room 4
    leedsblade Flat 11 Room 4
    Ellie2611 Flat 12 Room 1
    matt- Flat 21 Room 5
    Shorty11811 Flat 21 Room 6
    Chutney Flat 23 Room 2
    CharlotteD Flat 25 Room 1
    Ruthy Flat 25 Room 4
    sheryl06 Flat 31 Room 1
    i_got_jimmies Flat 32 Room 5
    kalscool Flat 35 Room 5
    mememe555 Flat 39
    ashmac3 Flat 39 Room 1
    toxic04 Flat 39 Room 6
    hottie_hannah Flat 44
    4engines4longhaul Flat 44
    ntccfc Flat 44
    JoJo123 Flat 46 Room 4
    mini_chuck Flat 58 Room 5
    eDz.v2 Flat 62

    King's Chambers
    ZaraD Room 405
    ollie123Flat 3 Room 11

    Wesley House

    Brammal Court
    Sarahlou_88 Flat 1
    natzy_Watzy Flat 6 Room 4
    Sssaucepot Flat 32 Room 3
    tin_eskimo Flat 32 Room 5

    KimmyGFlat 3 Room 1
    fwicky Flat 11 Room 2
    Atomheartbrother Flat 21 Room 2
    M100 Flat 21 Room 5
    Barnzyuk Flat 28 Room 1
    jennyd Flat 37

    Phoenix Court
    JST_06 Flat 5 Room 2
    Blondybeachbum Flat 17 Room 3
    kaia27 Flat 28

    Broomgrove Hall

    Marshall Hall
    f-r-o-g 205

    Solly House

    Elliott House
    at123 Room 18
    Vicky101 Flat 21

    Halford House
    Rachael6025 Flat 31

    Central Quay
    mel18 Block F Flat 155 Room E

    Norfolk House

    Norfolk Park
    andrew_stoned 27.1
    honey_bubbles 32. 2
    Jal 73.4
    barra87 House 96
    Mste86 109.4
    tashaxoxoxo unit 8.3

    The Royal

    Pearl House

    Liberty Works
    stevemeat Flat 58
    lew_west Flat 61
    Craigfox99 Flat 79
    ema_gb Flat 126

    gemelli_hallam Flat 84
    Juicy_Jess Flat 115

    Liberty Court
    Shev_77 Room 283

    Egerton House
    angelprincess1626 9
    Ed_collins Flat 21

    Park House

    Rosedale House
    cbosley 5.5

    Kings Chambers
    LynseyB Room 408

    rethgyal Block B
    If you would like to be added then just let me know x
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    Decent job thanks!! Although I guess it might be an even harder one constantly updating it each time someone says where they are going

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    It probably will be, but it will help all you freshers
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    Hey thanks! Such a good idea :-)
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    what a good idea!! :yy: I'm in room 1 btw. Wow, there are loadsa peeps on here going to be living together in flat 39 at charlotte. I'm only 8 doors away...:rolleyes:
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    I have got to follow suit, this is a great thread. It mustve taken you a while to sift through post's but well done. If anyone else from phoenix court adds themselves drop me a PM be nice to hear from you.:tsr2:
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    Exchange Works, Flat 51 room 4
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    (Original post by urbanhoney)
    Exchange Works, Flat 51 room 4
    It was done before you asked
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    Haha ur on the ball..i need 2 wake up
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    I'd just like to say thanks for the rep. I don't know which people sent me it but thankyou anyway!
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    t'was me, well at least i gave you 1 rep lol.:tsr2: how many you get?
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    Aww thankyou! 2. I just wnated to know what people think about me doing a find your course mates thread. Good idea / bad?
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    Thats another good idea, get it done already lol:tsr2:
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    good idea me thinks. I haven't found anyone doing my course yet!
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    (Original post by glitterxsparkle)
    Aww thankyou! 2. I just wnated to know what people think about me doing a find your course mates thread. Good idea / bad?
    I gave you rep
    Dont think a course thread will work not many people are on the same course, may work but more hard work lol
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    Ok well i shall do that one too!
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    Charlotte Court flat 44
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    Awsome idea thanks loads, btw just found out im in flat 3 room 11
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    I'll be in Leadmill Point, flat 53, room 6.
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    I'll be in Exchange Works - flat 61 room 1
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